5 Novel Services Added Inwards Absher For Registering Nascency Together With Transcend Away Incidents Inwards The Kingdom’S Representations Abroad

 New Services Added In Absher For Registering Birth And Death Incidents In The Kingdom v New Services Added In Absher For Registering Birth And Death Incidents In The Kingdom’s Representations Abroad

The Ministry of Interior of The Kingdom of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continued to expand online services that is provided through diverse platforms to facilitate citizens as well as residents, equally it added to the Civil Status Department (5) services to the listing of online services of the “Absher Individuals” platform. Marital condition correction, asking service for linking the civil records of children to the mother, as well as service for improving the developer.

The Ministry likewise launched an upgraded version of the Absher service aimed at the deaf as well as difficult of hearing, which allows the employee or beneficiary to communicate via QR Code technology amongst a sign linguistic communication interpreter inwards the unified visual telephone telephone centre through contact points inwards all civil condition service stations around the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Interior likewise announced the launch of services for nascency registering as well as cash inwards one’s chips events inwards the Kingdom’s representations abroad, as well as the service that is implemented through the online link betwixt the Ministry of Interior as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs volition facilitate the citizens living abroad to asking nascency registration as well as cash inwards one’s chips incidents that hand to them abroad through representations Kingdom inwards the countries inwards which they reside.

The Ministry of Interior has likewise launched the bit version of the Meydan platform, which is 1 of the integrated safety platforms to back upward the safety operate capabilities technically, as well as it was supervised as well as implemented past times national cadres from the Ministry of Interior’s employees. The platform’s bit version included (14) procedures, including reading the portable digital ID as well as safety inquiries And verifying permits of Hajj as well as Umrah, raising traffic accidents for route security, as well as the identity of the electronic safety man.

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