A Dissimilar Trend Of Tracking Stock Marketplace Forcefulness Amongst Technical Indicators

Suppose nosotros intend of technical indicators every 2nd measures of forcefulness in addition to weakness, amongst each giving purchase in addition to sell signals based upon dissimilar fourth dimension frames in addition to definitions of strength.  One agency to assess the overall forcefulness of the stock marketplace would live on to track, over time, how many shares are giving purchase in addition to sell signals across dissimilar indicators.

The to a higher house information rails the cumulative purchase vs. sell signals for every stock inwards the NYSE universe based upon the CCI, Parabolic SAR, in addition to Bollinger Bands indicators (raw information in addition to signals via the Stock Charts site).  I notice it interesting that the cumulative measures accept largely lagged toll gains since the Oct lows.  This is what I would facial expression inwards an surroundings of weakening stock marketplace breadth.  In the wake of dramatic key depository fiscal establishment actions this by week, I am watching breadth measures closely to run across if the expansion of global QE breathes fresh life into stocks.

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