A Friday Potpourri Of Trading Together With Marketplace Views

*  On Th across the NYSE universe, nosotros saw quite a few to a greater extent than stocks unopen below their lower Bollinger Bands than higher upwards their upper bands.  As you lot tin run into from the nautical chart above, of import intermediate-term lows bring occurred inward marketplace pose cycles when we’ve seen a plethora of stocks trading below their lower bands.  I went dorsum to the commence of my information gear upwards (May, 2014; raw information from Stock Charts) in addition to looked at all occasions inward which nosotros registered to a greater extent than than 200 stocks below their lower bands versus higher upwards their upper bands, where this was the showtime occasion inward at to the lowest degree 2 weeks.  Interestingly, iii days later, SPY was upwards twice in addition to downwardly 5 times for an average loss of -.54%.  Too pocket-sized a sample to hang one’s chapeau on, precisely the indicate is that markets tin display short-term momentum to the downside likewise equally upside when at that topographic point is a rigid breadth move.

*  We frequently listen that your trading mode should check your personality, precisely Pure Price Momentum

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