After Arriving From Xi Countries Allowed To Run Across The Kingdom, Expire To Know The Countries That Are All The Same Prohibited

 Get To Know The Countries That Are Still Prohibited After Arriving From eleven Countries Allowed To Enter The Kingdom, Get To Know The Countries That Are Still Prohibited
Saturday, the Ministry of Interior declared that they permit entry into the Kingdom for those coming from eleven countries: the UAE, Germany, the U.S.A. of America, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, French Republic together with Japan.

These countries were inward the listing of twenty “banned” countries for go from them to the Kingdom earlier reducing the number to ix countries only, namely: “Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Argentina, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa together with India.”

It is interesting that the Kingdom had issued an fellowship on Feb 2, 2021 AD, to temporarily suspend entry for those coming from twenty countries, for non-citizens, diplomats, wellness practitioners, together with their families.

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