Baning Awareness Quiz For Ibps Po Together With Clerks 2014 – Laid Upwards 35

  1. The RBI revised premature deposit rules of ?
    1. Small savings accounts
    2. Small value fixed deposit accounts
    3. Big size savings accounts
    4. dollar savings accounts
    5. Large value fixed deposit accounts
  2. The familiar combination come upward nether “Demand Deposits” ?
    1. Fixed deposit, Current Account
    2. Current Account, Recurring Account
    3. Saving Account, Fixed Deposit
    4. Fixed Deposits, Savings Accounts
    5. Saving Account, Current Account
  3. The highlight of need deposit is ___________
    1. multiple deposits
    2. multiple withdrawals 
    3. any fourth dimension banking
    4. tax relaxation if any
    5. All of above
  4. Interest payable on savings banking firm accounts is ?
    1. De-regulated past times RBI
    2. Regulated past times State Governments
    3. Regulated past times Central Govt
    4. Regulated past times RBI
    5. Regulated past times Finance Minister
  5. As per the fellowship of RBI on 28th May 2013, who is non eligible to driblet dead an line of piece of job concern human relationship holder inwards Joint Account ?
    1. Minor
    2. Who crossed eighteen years of age
    3. Senior citizens 
    4. People amongst diseases 
    5. Bank Employees
  6. In the opening of Savings Account (few other accounts also) banking firm enquire to write Nominee name. Who shall live the nominee ?
    1. Any person
    2. Known mortal only 
    3. Female only
    4. Close blood relation only 
    5. Account holder inwards the same banking firm only
  7. Nominee’s historic menses inwards the savings line of piece of job concern human relationship ___________
    1. below 10 years only
    2. above eight years only 
    3. below sixty years only
    4. any age
    5. must live major inwards that state
  8. Now a days diverse banks are offering ADDON on savings accounts, ADDON agency ?
    1. Insurance facility
    2. Online banking
    3. Demat Account
    4. All the above
    5. None of these
  9. Which lab inwards Bharat became the showtime aquaculture pathology lab to live accredited past times NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing together with Calibration Laboratories) ?
    1.  Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
    2. Central Fuel Research Institute
    3. Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology
    4. National Botanical Research Institute
    5. None of these
  10. In price of geographical area, which amid the next is the right rank of newly formed Telangana State amid all states of Bharat ?
    1. 10th
    2. 11th
    3. 12th
    4. 13th
    5. 14th
  11. Engineers Bharat Limited (EIL) inked a consultancy bargain for a refinery together with polypropylene constitute amongst which province ?
    1. Nigeria
    2. Ghana
    3. Egypt
    4. Sudan
    5. China
  12. The NIC is an essential statistical criterion for developing together with maintaining comparable database according to economical activities. NIC Stands for ?
    1. National Information Council
    2. National Industrial Council
    3. National Information Classification
    4. National Industrial Classification 
    5. National Industrial Corporation
  13. In which amid the next countries Asia’s showtime solar-wind ability organization has been inaugurated of late ? The project, completed nether Asian Development Bank’s regional technical assistance was business office of the bank’s “Energy for All” maiden that supports increasing access to unloosen energy inwards remote rural areas 
    1. Bhutan
    2. China
    3. Nepal
    4. India
    5. Korea
  14. Which amid the next countries is the newest fellow member of the Euro Zone; slated to adopt Euro from 1st Jan 2015 ?
    1. Slovakia
    2. Slovenia
    3. Romania
    4. Lithuania
    5. Nigeria 
  15. According to the Environmental Performance Index, which is the world’s largest greenest province ?
    1. Australia
    2. Luxembourg
    3. Switzerland
    4. Singapore
    5. India
  16. Which amid the next full general insurance companies has introduced “Insurance on Wheel” concept for faster renewal of policies ?
    1. United Bharat Insurance Company
    2. New Bharat Assurance Company
    3. Life Insurance Corporation of India
    4. Oriental Insurance Company
    5. National Insurance Company
  17. Savings line of piece of job concern human relationship cannot live opened past times ?
    1. Teacher
    2. House Wife
    3. Farmer
    4. Person doing Money Laundering
    5. Person doing to a greater extent than than ii businesses
  18. Minimum total to live remitted through RTGs is Rs ___________ Lakh together with at that spot is no upper ceiling for RTGs transaction. 
    1. One 
    2. Three
    3. Two 
    4. Five
    5. Nine
  19. On ninth June 2014, the NABARD reduced the charge per unit of measurement of involvement past times how many reason points (bps) on long term refinance facility to banks amongst an objective to promote from sector investments ?
    1. 15 bps
    2. 20 bps
    3. 10 bps
    4. 25 bps
    5. 35 bps
  20. Which of the statements given below is / are right ?
    • A) Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of the RBI, on 15th May 2014 announced that plastic currency notes volition live launched inwards 2015 afterwards champaign tirals
    • B) The introduction of plastic currency notes would assist terminate counterfeiting of Indian rupees equally they are hard to imitate
    • C) Modern plastic currency notes were showtime developed past times the Reserve Bank of Commonwealth of Australia inwards the twelvemonth 2000
    • D) Indian regime has already tried to innovate plastic currency notes inwards the twelvemonth 2005, but failed
    • E) We tin sack recycle plastic bottles equally Plastic currency notes.
    1. A together with B
    2. B together with C
    3. C together with D
    4. A together with eastward
    5. All of these
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