Banking Awareness Expected Questions For Ibps Po Together With Clerks – Develop 39

Union Civil Aviation ministry building appointed Inter-Ministerial Group to examine the maximum potential of the GAGAN. GAGAN stands for ?

Who command Securities marketplace inwards India?

Which Deputy Governor of RBI is a component subdivision fellow member inwards Board Members of SEBI now?

Recently on xix June 2014, RBI permitted residents together with non-residents, except Pakistanis together with Bangladeshis, to deport upwards to ………. inwards Indian currency notes spell leaving India.

An Ex Prime Minister of Republic of Republic of India has worked equally the commencement Chairman of IBPS Governing Board. Who is he ?

Securities together with Exchange Board of Republic of Republic of India (SEBI) Act was passed in_________________

Budget allotment for the rural housing system inwards the Union Budget 2014-15 is….

United Bank of Republic of Republic of India (UBI) has served ‘willful defaulter’ notices to the promoter of Kingfisher Airlines. Who is he ?

Conversion of Physical course of report of portion into Electronic course of report is called …….

As the trends show, households inwards Republic of Republic of India seat two-thirds of their savings inwards ….. inwards 2012-13.

Advisory Committee for SEBI Investor Protection together with Education Fund (IPEF) established past times SEBI on 27 Jan 2014 headed past times ………

RBI increases diamond imports’ credit fourth dimension to how many days ?

On which day, the statutory powers were given to SEBI inwards accordance amongst SEBI Act 1992?

Present Chairman of SEBI is ………..

The Head component subdivision of SEBI is located at ?

To review the developments inwards Secondary Market, SEBI ready a commission on xi June 2014 headed past times ………..

High Level Committee for reviewing the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) regulations, 1992 headed past times …………

Which Indian-American human being of affairs was arrested inwards the representative of insider trading inwards USA? His conviction was upheld past times a Federal Appeals Court on March 25, 2014.

As per the proposal made inwards the Union Budget for FY15, the Centre would restructure BRGF. BRGF stands for ………..

Which banking concern of Republic of Republic of India has of late organised ‘The Banking together with Economics Conclave 2014’ for the commencement fourth dimension inwards the province recently?

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