Banking Awareness : Fiscal Tidings Unit Of Measurement – India (Fiu – Ind)

Financial Intelligence Unit – India (FIU-IND) was ready past times the Government of Bharat inwards 2004 a sthe fundamental national way responsible for receiving, processing, analyzing as well as disseminating information relating to suspect fiscal transactions. The principal activity of FIU-IND is to command Money Laundering. FIU-IND is an independent body reporting straight to the Economic Intelligence Council (EIC) headed past times the Finance Minister. 

The principal Function of FIU-IND : The principal component of FIU-IND is to have cash / suspicious transaction reports, analyse them and, equally appropriate, disseminate valuable functional information to to tidings / enforcement agencies as well as regulatory authorities.

The functions of FIU-IND are :

  • Collection of Information : Act equally the fundamental receptoin betoken for receiving Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs) as well as Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) from diverse reporting entities.
  • Analysis of Information : Analyze received information inwards guild to uncover patterns transactions suggesting suspicion of coin laundering as well as related crimes. 
  • Sharing of Information: Share information amongst national tidings / police pull enforcement agencies, national regulatory government as well as unusual Financial Intelligence Units. 
  • Act equally Central Repository : Establish as well as keep national information base of operations on cash transactions as well as suspicious transactions on the footing of reports received from reporting entities. 
  • Coordination : Coordinate as well as strengthen collection as well as sharing of fiscal tidings through an effective national, regional as well as global network to fight coin laundering as well as related crimes. 
  • Research as well as Analysis : Monitor as well as identity strategic key areas on coin laundering trends, typologies as well as developments. 
Khajawali Sheik
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