Banking Awareness Inwards Unproblematic Linguistic Communication – Lesson 21

Dear Gr8 Ambitionists, inwards our previous Banking Awareness Lesson 20, nosotros accept learnt almost Important Banking Acts. In today’s lesson, nosotros shall acquire Important Credit Rating Agencies inwards India. Happy Reading 🙂

Banking Awareness 2017 : Credit Rating Agencies inwards India

CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau Republic of Republic of India Ltd.) : 

  • Head purpose : Mumbai 
  • Established inwards : 2000 
  • It is India’s first credit Information Company (CIC).  
  • CIBIL collects as well as maintains records of an individual’s payments pertaining to loans as well as credit carte as well as these records are submitted yesteryear fellow member banks as well as credit institutions on Monthly reason which help loan providers yesteryear providing credit history of a person. Thus it plays an of import role inwards Indian fiscal system. 
  • Note : CIBIL transunion score ordinarily ranges betwixt 300 as well as 900. 
CRISIL Ltd. (Credit Rating Information Services of Republic of Republic of India Ltd) : 
  • Head purpose : Mumbai 
  • Establishment : 1987 
  • It is India’s largest & kickoff credit Rating way and a global leader inwards research, ratings, postulate chances & policy advisory services. 
  • CRISIL is the largest credit rating way inwards Republic of Republic of India with a marketplace percentage of greater than 60%

Fitch Rating Republic of Republic of India Private Ltd :

  • Head purpose : New York, USA 
  • Establishment : 1913 
  • Fitch Ratings, a fitch grouping companionship is with the move on credit rating agencies inwards Republic of Republic of India incorporated inwards 1913 inwards New York, USA. Fitch rating provides fiscal data services inwards to a greater extent than than thirty countries. 

Equifax :

  • Head purpose : Atlanta, United States 
  • Establishment : 1899 Equifax Inc has managed to hold upward with the move on credit rating agencies inwards Republic of Republic of India as well as at global level. Equifax Inc Provides Information Management Services.

CARE (Credit Analysis & Research Ltd.) :

  • Head purpose : Mumbai 
  • Establishment : 1993 
  • CARE Ratings is instant largest with the credit rating agencies every bit far every bit Indian Origin Company is concerned. 
  • Its rating is authenticated yesteryear GOI, RBI, SEBI. CARE was registered yesteryear SEBI every bit per SEBI rule 1999. 

ICRA (Information as well as Credit Rating Agency) :

  • Head purpose : Gurgaon 
  • Establishment : 1991 
  • It was originally named IICRA (Investment Information & Credit Rating Agency)
  • It is the 2nd largest Indian rating companionship in term of client base. 
  • ICRA Ltd. is a articulation venture betwixt Moody’s Investors as well as diverse fiscal serviced companionship is a component subdivision of ICRA grouping which was founded inwards 1991. 
  • It is credit rating way listed on the NSE & BSE. 
  • ICRA has half dozen subsidiaries ICRA management Consulting Services Ltd, ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd, ICRA online Ltd, Pt. ICRA Republic of Indonesia & ICRA Lanka Ltd, ICRA Nepal Ltd. 


  • Head purpose : Gurgaon 
  • Establishment : 1993 
  • It is a credit as well as Performance Rating Company. 
  • ONICRA is with the move on 10 credit rating agencies inwards India. 

High Mark Credit Information Services :

  • Head purpose : Mumbai 
  • Establishment : 2005 
  • It is a recognized credit rating companionship inwards India. It provides bureau service, analytic solutions as well as postulate chances management to banks as well as fiscal instituions operating inwards Micro-Finance, Retail Consumer Finance, MSME, Rural & Co-operative Sectors. 

Experian :

  • Head purpose : Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Founded : 1996 
  • In Republic of Republic of India Experian is a articulation venture with Indian Bank, Axis Bank, Federal Bank, Punjab National Bank. Magna Finance, Union Bank of India, Sundaram Finance as well as it provides credit data services to fiscal institutions inwards accordance with CICRA (Credit Information Companies Regulation Act) act 2005. 
  • Experian Credit Information Company of Republic of Republic of India private Ltd. became kickoff credit data companionship to hold upward awarded a license nether (CICRA) Act 2005. 

SMERA (SME Rating Agency of Republic of Republic of India Ltd.) :

  • Head purpose : Bombay
  • Establishment : 2005
  • SMERA Rating Ltd. a Bombay based company. 
  • SMERA a articulation venture of SIDBI, several private sector banks inwards the reason as well as Dun & Bradstreet Information Services Republic of Republic of India Pvt. Ltd. (D & B). 
  • SMERA is especially blueprint for rating SME. It is the 1st rating way that focuses on Indian MSME segment. 

Brickwork Ratings Republic of Republic of India Private Ltd. :

  • Head purpose : Bengaluru, Karnataka 
  • Establishment : 2007 
  • The companionship is registered with SEW, RIM & NSIC as well as operates inwards broad make of areas such every bit NDD, Bank loan, Commercial paper, MSME Ratings. 
  • It is with the leading credit rating companies inwards India. 

Leading Credit  Rating Agencies inwards World 

  • Standard & Poor’s (S & P) : New York, US (Headquarter) 
  • Moody’s : New York, US (Headquarter) 
  • Fitch : New York, US (Headquarter) & London (UK) Headquarter 

Note : These are likewise called Big three credit rating agencies as well as concord justice 95% of credit rating business.

    That’s all for forthwith friends. In our adjacent Banking Awareness lesson, nosotros shall acquire almost around Latest Banking Concepts. Happy Reading 🙂
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