Banking Awareness Model Practise Newspaper – Gear Upwardly 7

Which of the next is 1 of the virtually successful programmed nether Bharat Nirman ?
  1. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
  2. Watershed Development Scheme
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana
  4. Indira Awas Yojana
  5. None of these

    Which of the next Acts was framed especially to bargain to a greater extent than effectively alongside the occupation of Non-Performing Assets inwards Banking System ?

    1. SARFAESI Act
    2. Banking Regulation Act
    3. Foreign Exchange Management Act

    4. Industrial Disputes Act
    5. None of these

    Open-Market performance of Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India refer to

    1. Trading insecurities
    2. Auctioning of Foreign Exchange
    3. Transaction inwards gold
    4. All of these
    5. None of these

    Which of the next has introduced a novel tool named Data  Warehousing together with Business Intelligence System (DWBIS) for speedy analysis of information together with identification of violations ?

    1. IRDA
    2. SEBI
    3. RBI
    4. TRAI
    5. None of these

    Central co-operative banks

    1. Occupy a crucial importance inwards the co-operative credit structure
    2. form an of import link betwixt the province co-operative depository fiscal establishment at the apex together with the primary agricultural credit societies at the base
    3. are closer to the primary societies than an apex depository fiscal establishment could be
    4. All of these
    5. None of these

    In context alongside the trace concern together with banking, what is CRAR ?

    What is SARFAESI  human activity ?

    Which of the next is NOT amidst the vi infrastructure industries that incorporate the “Core Sector” ?

    1. Crude Oil
    2. Petroleum refinery products
    3. Chemicals together with fertilizers
    4. Coal
    5. All of these

    A systematic tape of all economical transactions betwixt residents of a province together with the residuum of the basis inwards a twelvemonth is known equally ?

    1. Net Capital Flow
    2. Balance of Payments
    3. Balance of Trade
    4. Absolute Flow
    5. None of these

    Which is the outset Committee that gave its recommendations relating to Mechanization of Banking System ?

    1. Saraf Committee
    2. Rangarajan Committee
    3. Kishore Committee
    4. Narsimhan Committee
    5. None of these

    Recently a commission had been setup yesteryear the Govt of Republic of Republic of India for Comprehensive review of National Small Savings Fund (NSSF), this commission is headed yesteryear ?

    The Definition of ‘Banking’ is given inwards which human activity ?

    Which 1 of the next is a Transfer Payment ?

    1. Net Factor Income earned from abroad
    2. Interest on populace debt paid yesteryear the Govt
    3. Bonus to employees yesteryear the govt or enterprises
    4. Employer’s contribution to contributory provident fund of employees
    5. None of these

    Which of the next is NOT the business office of the scheduled banking construction inwards Republic of Republic of India ?

    1. Money Lenders
    2. Public Sector Banks
    3. Private Sector Banks
    4. Regional Rural Banks
    5. State Co-Operative Banks

    __________  was delegated the duty to keep Micro-Finance Development together with Equity Fund ?

    In the menstruum from 1991 to 2011, the leading province for unusual straight investment inwards Republic of Republic of India has been ?

    The Asian Development Bank has its headquarters at

    Who is the chairman of the commission constituted yesteryear RBI to written report issues together with concerns inwards the Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) Sector ?

    The coin which is transferred, from 1 pump to or together with thus other for greater security is called ?

    Which of the next organizations / agencies has asked all the banks inwards Republic of Republic of India to shape client service panels at branch degree ?

    1. Indian Bank Association
    2. Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India (RBI)
    3. Supreme Court of India
    4. SEBI
    5. None of These

    Which of the next is a term lending establishment ?

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