Banking Awareness Quiz – Develop 103

  1. Payments banking concern of the postal division volition accept how much corpus at the starting fourth dimension ?
    1. Rs. 900 crore
    2. Rs. 600 crore
    3. Rs. one m crore
    4. Rs. 800 crore
  2. Which of the next states announced its “Agri Business Policy 2016” ?
    1. Haryana
    2. Uttar Pradesh
    3. Punjab
    4. Gujarat
  3. Which state’s Finance Minister was during Feb 2016 appointed the Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State finance ministers that represents all states as well as volition play a crucial business office inwards implementing the Goods as well as Services Tax (GST) ?
    1. Tamil Nadu
    2. West Bengal
    3. Bihar
    4. Odisha
  4. Which online fiscal marketplace, has launched a novel “One Loan Two Homes” plan to assistance the alluvion affected citizens of Chennai ?
    2. Bloomberg
    4. Both i as well as 3
  5. India Post has opened exclusive counters at the concern ship service centers inwards Gurgaon as well as Faridabad for ______________ Bharat sellers.
    1. Snapdeal
    2. Amazon
    3. eBay
    4. Flipkart
  6. In which of the next fiscal institution, did MUDRA Bank invest fifty crore inwards securitization bargain ? 
    1. Aadarsha Welfare Society 
    2. Annapurna Financial Services
    3. Janalakshmi Financial Services
    4. SKS Micro-finance
  7. The BRICS New Development Bank approved its foremost credit of loans to Bharat inwards the champaign of 
    1. Housing Projects
    2. Renewable Energy
    3. Rural Inclusive Growth Project
    4. Solar Power Generation
  8. Name the portal launched past times the Central Board of Direct Taxes for online redressal to taxpayers grievances ?
    1. e-utsav
    2. e-nivaran
    3. e-help
    4. e-solution
  9. Which of the next states accept ratified Goods as well as Service Tax mouth on eighth September 2016 to simplify the taxation past times implementing unmarried taxation rates across the solid reason ?
    1. Manipur as well as Meghalaya
    2. New Delhi as well as Arunachal Pradesh
    3. Madhya Pradesh as well as Arunachal Pradesh
    4. Arunachal Pradesh as well as Meghalaya 
  10. What is the advert of crusade which is launched past times Petrolium Minsiter Dharmendra Pradhan aimed at promoting the piece of occupation of natural gas inwards the solid reason as well as aim towards a gas based economic scheme ?
    1. Fuel2India
    2. Fuel4India
    3. Gas4India
    4. Petrol4India
  11. Which province ranked highest seat inwards Ease of Doing Business Index late released past times the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy of Singapore ?
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Gujarat
    3. Dehi
    4. Goa
  12. Which fellowship along alongside Microsoft as well as Sales forcefulness accept officially adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield framework ?
    1. Yahoo
    2. Infosys
    3. HDFC
    4. Google
  13. Which fellowship has entered into a articulation company alongside the Saudi Prerogative Company to offering information technology services inwards the middle eastern solid reason ?
    1. L & T infotech
    2. Cognizant
    3. Sutherland
    4. Infosys
  14. Name the mobile application launched past times Digital payment Platform, MobiKwick as well as Samgra to promote the habit of saving amidst Urban misfortunate ?
    1. M-Kwik
    2. M-Samaga
    3. M-Gullak
    4. M-Samagra
  15. Which province has larn the 15th province to ratify the Goods as well as Services Tax ?
    1. Goa
    2. Tamilnadu
    3. Odisha
    4. Bihar
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