Banking Awareness Quiz For Ibps Clerks Examination 2015 – Gear Upwardly 69

  1. In strategic Alliance, the alliance partners
    1.  Merge alongside each other
    2.  One partner acquires the other
    3.  Remain split entities
    4.  a orb alone
    5.  None of these
  2. The Central Government has appointed Pradeep Kumar Gupta equally the novel Managing Director of :
    1.  Punjab National Bank
    2.  State Bank of Republic of Republic of India (SBI)
    3.  Bank of Maharastra
    4.  Syndicate Bank
    5.  Indian Overseas Bank
  3. In a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) the maximum value of securities should non go past times
    1.  Rs. 25,000
    2.  Rs. 5,00,000
    3.  Rs. 1,00,000
    4.  Rs. 35,000
    5.  Rs. 2,00,000 
  4. Which Bank is the start of its sort to opened upward inwards Hyderabad, a fully digitised alongside user -friendly facilities for opening of accounts, cash deposit, ATM, passbook printing machine, Internet banking kiosk in addition to sourcing of loan applications
    1.  State Bank of Hyderabad
    2.  State Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    3.  ICICI
    4.  HSBC
    5.  HDFC 
  5. Which of the next banks launched the start MUDRA menu nether the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) ?
    1.  State Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    2.  Andhra Bank
    3.  ICICI Bank
    4.  Corporation Bank
    5.  Syndicate Bank
  6. Features of Government Securities
    1.  Issued at confront value.
    2.  No default jeopardy equally the securities behavior sovereign guarantee.
    3.  Can hold upward held inwards Demat form.
    4.  Interest payment on a one-half yearly dry reason on confront value.
    5.  All the above
  7. In honour of Mutual Fund which of the next is/are right ?
    1.  Mutual fund is a machinery for pooling resources from the populace past times issuing units to them in addition to investing the funds inwards securities.
    2.  Mutual fluid laid upward inwards the shape of a trust in addition to is registered alongside SEBI.
    3.  Unit holders refer to investor inwards usual fund.
    4.  NAV denotes surgical physical care for of a item system of a mu-tual fund.
    5.  All the above 
  8. ‘e-KYC’ physical care for is possible piece opening of Bank Accounts alone for those who stimulate got _____________ 
    1.  AADHAR menu
    2.  PAN menu
    3.  Voter ID menu
    4.  Driving License
    5.  Passport
  9. Which of the next is right inwards honour of National Payments Corporation of Republic of Republic of India (NPCI)
    1.  The Reserve Bank encouraged the setting upward of National Pay-ments Corporation of Republic of Republic of India (NPCI)
    2.  To act equally an umbrella organiz-ation for operating diverse Re-tail Payment Systems (RPS) inwards India.
    3.  NPCI became functional inwards early on 2009.
    4.  NPCI has taken over National Financial Switch (NFS) from (IDRBT)
    5.  All the above
  10. _____________  has of late announced its determination to discontinue issu-ing of slips afterward cash withdr-awals at ATMs in addition to shall alarm the client through SMS only.
    1.  INDUSIND Bank
    2.  HDFC Bank
    3.  Axis Bank
    4.  ICICI Bank
    5.  Yes Bank
  11. Which of the next is/are right inwards honour of SHGs ?
    1.  RIG stands for Self Help Group
    2.  Normally an SHG has 10-20 members
    3.  SHG should reckon at regular intervals in addition to banknote the minutes thereof.
    4.  The SHG builds a grouping corpus fund past times voluntary saving from members.
    5.  All the above 
  12. Urban Cooperative Banks are controlled by  _____________
    1.  NABARD
    2.  State Governments
    3.  RBI
    4.  Central Government
    5.  Only b&c
  13. Can nomination hold upward made past times an illiterate depositor?
    1.  Yes, past times affixing his Thumb Impression on shape DA1 wi-thout witness
    2.  Yes, past times affixing his Thumb Impression on shape DA1 alongside ane witness
    3.  Yes, past times affixing his Thumb Impression on shape DA1c alongside 2 witnesses
    4.  No, such nomination may hold upward nether influence may non jibe legal validity
    5.  None of the above 
  14. As per Reserve Bank directives what is the cap on high value denomination notes that Indians tin behavior piece travelling to Nepal?
    1.  Rs. 50,000
    2.  Rs. 25,000
    3.  Rs. 60,000
    4.  Rs. 15,000
    5.  Rs.10,000
  15. Nomination is non allowed inwards which of the next cases ?
    1.  Individual Resident A/c
    2.  NRIs A/c
    3.  Sole Proprietorship A/c
    4.  Accounts held n Representative Capacity
    5.  None of the inwards a higher house

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