Banking Awareness Quiz For Ibps Clerks & Rbi Exams 2015 – Ready 70

  1. Life certificate is to hold upwardly obtained from authorities pensioner, every twelvemonth inwards the calendar month of ___________________
    1. January
    2. November
    3. August
    4. September
    5. February
  2. Demat trouble organization human relationship helps the investors to concur shares/securities in  __________________ together with to sell / purchase such securities without involving whatever physical stimulate or transfer of portion certificates.
    1. electronic course of education
    2. signals
    3. current
    4. magnetism
    5. None
  3. In the abbreviation NSDL, the missive of the alphabet D stands for what ?
    1. Depository
    2. Due
    3. Data
    4. Divine
    5. Duty
  4. In the abbreviation CDSL, the missive of the alphabet due south stands for what?
    1. Security
    2. Services
    3. Safe
    4. Surity
    5. Stength
  5. What are the advantages of a demat trouble organization human relationship ?
    1. It reduces a groovy extent of operate charge of a fellowship on transfer of shares together with
    2. It reduces the operate charge of a fellowship inwards maintenance of portion register
    3. the trouble organization human relationship holder tin laissez passer on instructions to the depositary player to lock upwardly or freeze his trouble organization human relationship
    4. individual portion holders rest beneficial owners together with bask the correct to vote etc.
    5. All the above
  6. Bank lockers should non hold upwardly rented to
    1. minors
    2. individuals
    3. illiterates
    4. staff membrs
    5. resigned banking company employees
  7. Lockers inwards banking company should hold upwardly allotted on which footing
    1. first come, commencement serve footing
    2. fixed deposit holders exclusively
    3. Recurring deposit trouble organization human relationship holders exclusively
    4. SB trouble organization human relationship holders exclusively
    5. None
  8. Lockers tin hold upwardly given on rental footing for which of the following?
    1. partnership firms
    2. companies
    3. socieities
    4. government departments , Hindu Undivided Families
    5. All the above
  9. Who is empowered to authorize entry together with search into whatever banking company locker nether Income Tax Act?
    1. The Commissioner of Income Tax
    2. Commercial Tax Officer
    3. District Collector
    4. District Superintendent of Police
    5. None of these
  10. Banks tin receive got for security custody, which of the next ?
    1. Only sealed packets
    3. securities
    4. bank deposit receipts
    5. All the inwards a higher house
  11. While renting a locker, the banker’s seat is that of a __________
    1. land lord
    2. bailor
    3. lesser
    4. principal
    5. None of the inwards a higher house
  12. How tin nosotros distinguish the pre- 2005 serial banknotes?
    1. Apart from the additional security features, the 2005 MG serial banknotes receive got the twelvemonth of printing on the contrary of the notes inwards the lower optic portion.
    2. Banknotes printed earlier 2005 produce non receive got the twelvemonth of printing on the contrary side together with thence tin hold upwardly easily distinguished
    3. They are made of newspaper
    4. Both (1) together with (2)
    5.  None of these
  13. Is at that topographic point whatever fourth dimension restrict for exchanging these pre- 2005 notes?
    1. These notes tin hold upwardly freely exchanged at whatever banking company branch till Dec 31, 2015
    2. 31.3.2016
    3. 1.4.2016
    4. 1.5.2006
    5. None of these
  14. What are the pre-2005 serial banknotes issued inwards India?
    1. All banknotes issued earlier the 2005 MG serial are called every bit pre-2005 serial banknotes
    2. only promissory notes
    3. only cheques
    4. only need drafts
    5. None of these
  15. Why has RBI decided to take away pre- 2005 serial banknotes?
    1. as they receive got fewer security features every bit compared to banknotes printed later on 2005
    2. The withdrawal practise is inwards confor-mity alongside the criterion international prac-tice of non having multiple serial of notes inwards circulation at the same time.
    3. The RBI has already been withdrawing these banknotes inwards a routine fashion through banks. It is estimated that the book of such banknotes (pre-2005) inwards circulation is non important plenty to acquit upon the full general world inwards a large way
    4. All the inwards a higher house
    5. None of these
  16. Which of the next banknotes issued past times Reserve Bank of Bharat shall hold upwardly legal tender at whatever house inwards Bharat inwards payment or on trouble organization human relationship for the amount expressed therein, together with shall hold upwardly guaranteed past times the Central Government, dependent area to provisions of sub-section (2) Section 26 of RBI Act, 1934 ?
    1. Rs.2
    2. Rs.5
    3. Rs.10
    4. Rs.20
    5. All the inwards a higher house
  17. What is the important of “I hope to pay” clause on the currency notes ?
    1. This is payable on need past times RBI, existence the issuer. The promissory clause printed on the banknotes i.e., “I hope to pay the bearer the amount of Rupees …” is a controversy which agency that the banknote is a legal tender for the specified amount.
    2. I volition laissez passer on whenever y’all inquire
    3. I volition inquire roughly i to laissez passer on
    4. I volition convey for payment
    5. None
  18. What was the highest denomination complaint e’er printed past times RBI?
    1. The highest denomination complaint e’er printed past times the Reserve Bank of Bharat was the Rs.10000 complaint inwards 1938 together with i time again inwards 1954. These notes were demonetized inwards 1946 together with i time again inwards 1978
    2. Rs.5000
    3. Rs.1000
    4. Rs.500
    5. Rs.100
  19. What is Indian currency newspaper made of ?
    1. Currency newspaper is composed of cotton fiber together with cotton fiber rag
    2. silk
    3. woolen
    4. gold
    5. silver
  20. How much value would i become far telephone commutation of unclean banknotes inwards Bharat ?
    1. 20%
    2. Soiled banknotes are exchanged for total value
    3. 30%
    4. 40%
    5. 50%

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