Banking Awareness Quiz – Gear Upwardly 98

  1. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Limited has it’s Bank banknote press at:
    1. Mysore
    2. Dewas
    3. Nasik
    4. Noida
    5. Hyderabad 
  2. There are several straight as well as indirect instruments that are used inwards the formulation as well as implementation of monetary policy. RBI’s framework is based on a:
    1. Qualitative approach
    2. Selective approach
      Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Limited has it Banking Awareness Quiz - Set 98
    3. Multiple indicator approach
    4. Quantitative approach
    5. Only a & b 
  3. RBI issues licenses to banks as well as other institutions to human activeness every bit inwards the unusual telephone substitution market.
    1. primary dealer
    2. authorized dealer
    3. forex dealer
    4. denovo dealer
    5. multiple dealer 
  4. A fellowship wants to electronically pay the dividend to large no. of its shareholders, which include pocket-size amounts also, tin brand su- 27. ch dividends through:
    1. Electronic Clearing Services -Debit (ECS-Debit)
    2. Electronic Clearing Services -Credit (ECS-Credit)
    3. NEFT
    4. RTGS
    5. IMPS 
  5. A individual wants to opened upwards an trouble organisation human relationship which his married adult woman should live on able to operate exclusively later his death. What type of trouble organisation human relationship he should open?
    1. Former or Survivor
    2. Either or Survivor
    3. Any 1 or Survivor
    4. Jointly as well as Severally
    5. None of the above 
  6.  Apiculture relates to
    1. Bee-keeping
    2. Cultivation of Mushrooms
    3. Flower production
    4. Vegetable tillage
    5. Silk production 
  7.  INdian FInancial NETwork (IN-FINET) is the communication backbone for the Indian Banking 30. as well as Financial Sector. The INFI-NITE is located at:
    1. Mumbai
    2. New Delhi
    3. Hyderabad
    4. Chennai
    5. Bangalore 
  8. Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India is non the regulator for:
    1. Commercial Banks
    2. Non Banking Finance Companies
    3. Housing Finance Companies
    4. Leading Financial Institutions
    5. None of the above 
  9. When the banking concern is selling third political party products, which type of adventure is involved?
    1. Reputation Risk
    2. Market Risk
    3. Forex Risk
    4. Credit Risk
    5. None of the above 
  10. A banking scheme nether which the banks are to heighten depression cost funds as well as invest such funds inwards depression adventure assets such every bit govt. securities, is known as:
    1. Narrow Banking
    2. Universal Banking
    3. Rural Banking
    4. Risk Management Banking Asset
    5. Liability Management Banking
  11. An entity established or incorporated exterior Republic of Republic of India which proposes to brand investment inwards Republic of Republic of India as well as which is registered every bit such, inwards accordance alongside the SEBI Regulations is called?
    1. Indian Depository Receipt
    2. Foreign Institutional Investor
    3. Foreign Direct Investment
    4. Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
    5. None of the above 
  12. The marketplace provides a platform for trading of existing securities as well as toll regain thereof:
    1. Primary Market
    2. Secondary Market
    3. Money Market
    4. Insurance Market
    5. None of the above 
  13. When Reserve Bank injects liquidity inwards the monetary economic scheme of the country, this is done through which of the next mechanisms?
    1. Increase inwards CRR
    2. Repo Rate
    3. Increase inwards SLR
    4. Change inwards Bank Rate
    5. Liquidity Adjustment Facility 
  14. The procedure inwards which the electronic asset of portion replaces the newspaper securities :
    1. Demutualisation
    2. Rematerialisation
    3. Electronic shares
    4. Dematerialsation
    5. None of the above 
  15. The term “Green-shoe option” is used inwards relation to :
    1. Environment Audit
    2. 2nd Green Revolution
    3. Capital mobilized past times plantation companies
    4. Option to retain that portion of the equity that has been subscribed past times the populace over as well as higher upwards the issued amount
    5. Option to render the amount of upper-case missive of the alphabet that has been received inwards excess of the issued amount 
  16. Interest charge per unit of measurement on a debt safety (say Govt. bonds) which issuer pays to holder till maturity:
    1. Interest
    2. Yield
    3. Floating charge per unit of measurement
    4. Coupon charge per unit of measurement
    5. None of the above 
  17. When buying or selling of securities is done past times a individual having access to privileged information, it is known as?
    1. Secular trading
    2. Insider trading
    3. Over trading
    4. Unauthorized trading
    5. None of the above 
  18.  The term “Round tripping” inwards illustration of Foreign Direct investment relates to:
    1. Coming dorsum of domestic coin every bit FDI
    2. Use of FDI funds out of province
    3. Sending dorsum unusual coin every bit export
    4. 1 as well as three
    5. None of the above 
  19. When a fellowship instead of fixing the toll of novel share, invites bids as well as allows the marketplace to reach the toll of the share, the procedure is called?
    1. Private placement
    2. Price search
    3. Book-building
    4. Initial populace Offering
    5. Market toll fixation 
  20. Which Public sector banking concern proposes to heighten upwards to Rs. 2,000 crore on individual placement Earth to come across Basel III requirements?
    1. Bank of Baroda
    2. Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    3. Indian Bank
    4. Dena Bank
    5. Vijaya Bank 
  21. When an existing non-profit scheme is converted into a for-profit company, the procedure is called?
    1. Dematerialization
    2. Demutualization
    3. Re-materialization
    4. Re-mutual i zation
    5. None of the higher upwards
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