Banking Awareness Quiz – Gear Upwards 40

The Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India extended deadline for banks to implement Basel III norms yesteryear a twelvemonth to March 31?

Which is the showtime banking concern inward Republic of Republic of India to launch EMI facility on debit cards?

Which Act has defined Banking equally “accepting, for the purpose of lending or investment, of deposits of coin received from the public, repayable on necessitate or otherwise as well as withdrawable yesteryear cheque, draft, enterprise or otherwise” ?

SBI’s novel Training Initiative “Strategic Training Unit” is located at

Commodities markets are regulated by?

Expand FMC ?

Dividend yield refers to:

The showtime evolution fiscal establishment inward Republic of Republic of India that has got merged amongst a banking concern is

NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) is renamed after

In loan cases where repayment of the major or large purpose of a loan is stipulated inward a unmarried payment next payment of smaller installment is referred as:

Option to the issuer of whatever fiscal Instrument to retain a for sure subdivision of over subscription inward Earth termination is called equally ?

At introduce which banking related charge per unit of measurement is 7%?

BCBS stands for ?

What are the showtime half dozen numbers signal inward MICR fit ?

According to RBI a savings banking concern trouble concern human relationship is treated equally inoperative or dormant if at that topographic point are no transactions inward the trouble concern human relationship over a flow of ?

Banks dishonoring the fit is called equally ?

An organization is accepting deposits from us as well as lending coin to us…. tin dismiss nosotros telephone yell upward it equally a Bank ?
Important dot to Note : Any establishment accepting deposits from a world amongst or without purpose of lending as well as investment cannot hold out termed equally bank. If the establishment is allowing the depositor to take away the deposits whenever he / she wants yesteryear a fit or draft or whatever written order, hence alone it volition hold out considered equally a bank. 
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