Banking Awareness Quiz – Gear Upwards 90

    1. NABARD on ninth August 2016 sanctioned Rs. 26.06 crore to _____________ for tackling H2O logging past times constructing elevator schemes inwards lowlying areas, hamlet ponds together with other allied works.
      1. AP
      2. Telangana
      3. Bihar
      4. Punjab
      5. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Korea Development Bank together with _____________ signed MOU to heighten job organization synergies, which outlines the project design to heighten cooperation inwards areas including corporate finance, projection finance together with property finance.
      1. SBI
      2. Bank of Maharashtra
      3. Punjab together with Sind Bank
      4. Indian Bank
      5. RBL Bank 
    3. On ix September 2016, RBI instructed banks to convey cash deposits at the counter from people declaring unaccounted wealth nether the IDS. In this context, IDS stands for _____________  
      1. Income Deposit Scheme
      2. Income Disclosure Scheme
      3. Income Derivative Scheme
      4. Income Dole Scheme
      5. Income Declaration Scheme
    4. Under Income Declaration Scheme (IDS) 2016 who tin declare the undisclosed income / Investment inwards whatever asset, representing undisclosed income relating to whatever fiscal yr upwards to 2015-16?
      1. Individuals
      2. HUF
      3. Association Of Persons (AOP)
      4. Companies
      5. All of above 
    5. Declaration made nether IDS system attract  _____________
      1. Tax @ 30% of undisclosed income.
      2. Surcharge @ 7.5% of undisclosed income.
      3. Penalty @ 7.5 % of undisclosed income.
      4. All of inwards a higher house brand the full payment of 45% of the undisclosed income.
      5. Need non pay whatever revenue enhancement / surcharge past times the somebody / entity on undisclosed income. 
    6. Which of the next create goodness given to the declarant who declares the undisclosed income nether IDS 2016 ?
      1. No Wealth Tax on assets declared.
      2. No scrutiny or research nether Income-Tax Act inwards observe of declaration.
      3. Immunity from prosecution nether Income Tax inwards observe of declaration.
      4. Immunity from Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, dependent champaign to transfer of assets past times the benamidar to the existent possessor earlier 30-9-2017.
      5. All of inwards a higher house are the benefits avail to the declarant. 
    7. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 12 September 2016 approved the proposal of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) on enhancing the buffer stock for pulses upwards to _____________  
      1. 10 lakh tonnes
      2. 25 lakh tonnes
      3. 20 lakh tonnes
      4. 30 lakh tonnes
      5. 40 lakh tonnes 
    8. Union authorities issued flexi-fund guide-lines that reach to a greater extent than liberty to states inwards spending coin nether the Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) to come across local developmental requirements. As per these guidelines, flexi-funds for states inwards CSS stimulate got been increased from the electrical current 10 % to  _____________
      1. 25%
      2. 20%
      3. 35%
      4. 30%
      5. 50% 
    9. Flexi-funds for each CSS inwards the illustration of Union Territories increased from electrical current 10% to _____________  
      1. 30%
      2. 40%
      3. 45%
      4. 50%
      5. 100% 
    10. Which of the next contention is non ane amidst the guidelines relating to novel flexi-fund rules for states nether Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS)?
      1. Funds tin move spent for local needs together with requirements.
      2. Funds tin move used for airplane pilot excogitation to ameliorate efficiency.
      3. Prior permission of Finance committee compulsory.
      4. Funds tin move used to undertake mitiga-tion or restoration activities inwards illustration of natural calamities.
      5. Flexi-fund facility is non for CSS which emanate from a legislation, similar MNREGA. 
    11. Fresh guidelines for flexi-fund for CSS approved past times Union Cabinet on three August 20016 based on the recommendation of the sub-group of Chief Ministers that was prepare past times _____________
      1. NITI Aayog
      2. Finance Commission
      3. Planning Commission
      4. CAG
      5. FSDC 
    12. On twelfth September 2016, Union Cabinet approved the creation of the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) to reach a major force for creation of high character infrastructure inwards premier educational establishment amongst an authorized working capital missive of the alphabet of _____________  
      1. Rs.1000 crores
      2. Rs.5000 crores
      3. Rs.10 crores
      4. Rs.500 crores
      5. Rs.2000 crores
    13. HEFA is the articulation enterprise of identified Promoter together with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Present HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar repre-senting to Rajyasabha from _____________  
      1. Gujarat
      2. Maharashtra
      3. Madhya Pradesh
      4. UP
      5. Rajasthan
    14. Durand Cup (football) 2016 clinched past times Army Green past times defeating  _____________  
      1. Sporting Clube de Goa
      2. DSK Shivajians
      3. Gangtok Himalayan SC
      4. NEROCA FC
      5. Real Kashmir FC
    15. Durand Cup founded inwards _____________  
      1. 1862
      2. 1916
      3. 1889
      4. 1888
      5. 1869 
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