Banking Awareness Quiz – Laid Upwards 83

  1. Who was appointed equally the novel Chief Economist of World Bank on eighteen July 2016 ?
    1. Hollis Bumley Chenery
    2. Raghuram Govind Rajan
    3. Paul Romer
    4. Arvind Subramanian
    5. Takehiko Nakao 
  2. To maintain cost stability, spell keeping inwards heed the objective of growth, RBI Act 1934 has been amended yesteryear the Finance Act, 2016 to supply for a statutory as well as institutionalized framework for MPC. In this context, MPC stands for _______________
    1.  Money Policy Committee
    2. Monetary Prime Committee
    3. Monetary Public Committee
    4. Maintain Policy Committee
    5. Monetary Policy Committee 
  3. Monetary Policy Committee volition consist of how many members ?
    1. 4
    2. 10
    3. 6
    4. 18
    5. 12 
  4. In the Monetary Policy Committee, the 6 members are _______________
    1.  Two members represented from RBI as well as iv members selected yesteryear regime of India.
    2. Three from RBI, 1 from Commercial banks as well as 2 represented yesteryear govem-ment of India.
    3. One from RBI, v members sends yesteryear regime of India.
    4. Three members represented from RBI as well as 3 members appointed yesteryear Central Government.
    5. In the amended Act, the composition of MPC non mentioned. 
  5. Who is the ex-officio chairperson of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)?
    1.  Finance Secretary, Government of Republic of Republic of India
    2. Finance Minister
    3. RBI Governor
    4. Chief Economic Advisor to Government of Republic of Republic of India
    5. Prime Minister
  6. Union Government appoints 3 members to the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on the recommendations of a Search-cum-Selection Committee, which volition endure headed yesteryear
    1.  Cabinet Secretary
    2. Finance Secretary
    3. Principal Secretary to PM
    4. Vice-Chairman, NITI Aayog
    5. Prime government minister of India
  7. Union Government decided to convey the pro-visions of amended RBI Act 1934 regarding constitution of MPC come upwards Into forcefulness from 27th June, 2016. Meetings of the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) shall endure held _______________ in a twelvemonth as well as it shall publicize its decisions later each such meeting.
    1.  4 times
    2. 2 limes
    3. 3 times
    4. 12 times
    5. 6 times 
  8. RBI signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on ‘Supervisory Cooperation as well as Exchange of Supervisory Information’ amongst _______________ on 1 July 2016.
    1.  Federal Bank, USA
    2. Bank of Nippon
    3. National Bank of Kingdom of Cambodia
    4. Bank of England
    5. Bank of Switzerland 
  9. RBI observed that a major component subdivision of the pre-2005 banknotes select been withdrawn from circulation as well as exclusively a modest per centum of these notes rest inwards circulation. From 1 July 2016, the facility of exchanging the pre-2005 banknotes volition endure available exclusively at _______________
    1.  Branches of SBI
    2. Post-offices
    3. Few select Offices of RBI
    4. Branches of Foreign banks 
    5. Exchange non at all possible
  10. Which acre decided to grip starting fourth dimension Zika vaccine examination on humans ?
    1. UK
    2. Australia
    3. Canada
    4. Brazil
    5. Mexico 
  11. First fourth dimension women fight pilots were Inducted inwards the Indian Air Force on eighteen June 2016. They are Mohane Singh, Bhawana Kanth as well as _______________
    1.  Avani Chaturvedi
    2. Serie Thakral
    3. C.B. Muthamma
    4. Kiran Bedi
    5. Bachendri Pal 
  12. FSR released yesteryear RBI on 28 June 2016. It reflects the overall assessment on the stability of India’s fiscal organisation as well as its resilience to risks emanating from global as well as domestic factors. In this context, FSR stands for _______________
    1.  Financial Stability Report
    2. Financial Statics Report
    3. Fiscal Stability Report
    4. Financial Standing Report
    5. Financial Stability Roll 
  13. 11th Annual Conference of the Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of Republic of Republic of India (FEDAI) held its coming together at _______________ on 21 June 2016.
    1.  Hong Kong
    2. Singapore
    3. Malaysia
    4. India
    5. Japan 
  14. State Bank of Republic of Republic of India signed MoU amongst which of the next IlTs to promote fintech start-ups?
    1.  IIT Madras
    2. IIT Raipur
    3. IIT Kanpur
    4. IIT Mumbai
    5. IIT Hyderabad 
  15. On 26 July 2016, SBI launched a payment organisation at its ATMs, which allows the line of piece of job concern human relationship holders transfer coin using mobile outcry publish equally identifier. This organisation industrial plant on IMT platform. In this con-text, IMT stands for _______________
    1.  Indian Money Transfer
    2. Intelligence Money Transfer
    3. Instant Money Trail
    4. Instant Mode Transfer
    5. Instant Money Transfer 
  16. Which 2 Indian banks latterly made an understanding amongst global payments leader SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to heighten cross-border payments ?
    1.  SBI as well as ICICI Bank
    2. Indian Bank as well as Union Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    3. ICICI Bank as well as Axis Bank
    4. Kotak Mahindra Bank as well as SBI
    5. HDFC as well as Corporation Bank 
  17. Union regime announced a pith of Rs.22, 915 crore for recapitalization of how many populace sector banks on xix July 2016 ?
    1. 13
    2. 21
    3. 8
    4. 10
  18. Which depository fiscal establishment received the largest allotment of Rs.7,575 crore out of Rs.22,915 crore working capital missive of the alphabet Infusion of regime of India?
    1. Indian Overseas Bank
    2. Punjab National Bank
    3. SBI
    4. Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    5. Union Bank of India 
  19. In the context of Capital Infusion, CAGR stands for _______________
    1. Capital Annual Growth Rate
    2. Capacity Annual Growth Rate
    3. Compound Annuity Growth Rate
    4. Compound Annual Growth Rate
    5. Clear Annual Growth Rate
  20. On 5 July 2016, Union Cabinet agreed to elevate unusual share-holding to 74 % inwards _______________. to convey inwards working capital missive of the alphabet inflow of but about Rs.13,000 crore.
    1. ICICI Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. IndusInd Bank
    4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
    5. Axis Bank 
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