Banking Awareness Quiz – Ready 91

  1. The Reserve Bank of Bharat has railroad train a working grouping to review the guidelines for hedging of commodity toll guide chances past times residents inwards the overseas markets during the evolution stage of our domestic commodity derivative market. Who is the chairman of the Working Group ?
    1. Shri Chandan Sinha, Executive Director, RBI
    2. Shri T. Rabi Sankar
    3. Shri P. K. Bindlis
    4. Shri VenkatNageshwar
    5. Shri AjitRanade
  2. Debit cards are issued past times banks together with are linked to a banking concern account. Credit cards are issued past times whom ?

    1. LIC
    2. banks / other entities approved past times RBI
    3. UTI
    4. SEBI 
    5. PFRDA 
  3. What are the usages of prepaid cards issued past times banks ? (Such prepaid cards are known every bit opened upwardly organisation prepaid cards).
    1. to withdraw cash from an ATM,
    2. purchase of goods together with services at Point of Sale (POS)/E-commerce (online purchas
    3. for domestic fund transfer from i per-son to another.
    4. All the inwards a higher house
    5. None of these 
  4. Is at that spot whatsoever confine on the value stored inwards a prepaid bill of fare ?
    1. No
    2. Yes, every bit per extant instructions, the maximum value that tin survive stored inwards whatsoever prepaid bill of fare (issued past times banks together with authorised non-bank entities) at whatsoever indicate of fourth dimension is Rs 50,000/-
    3. Rs.1,00,000/-
    4. Rs.2,00,000/-
    5. None of these 
  5. What is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) ?
    1. Cheque
    2. Automated Teller Machine is a computerized machine that provides the customers of banks the facility of accessing their line organisation human relationship for dispensing cash together with to send out other finan-cial & non-financial transactions without the take to genuinely see their banking concern branch.
    3. Demand Draft
    4. Promissory Note
    5. None of these 
  6. What is NEFT ?
    1. National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide payment organisation facilitating one-to-one funds transfer
    2. It is locker
    3. It is a loan
    4. It is a credit residuum
    5. None of these 
  7. What are the operating hours of NEFT ?
    1. 6 AM to 6 PM
    2. Presently, NEFT operates inwards hourly batches – at that spot are twelve settlements from eight am to seven pm on calendar week days (Monday through Friday) together with half dozen settlements from eight am to 1 pm on Saturdays
    3. 10 AM to five PM
    4. 12 Hrs. to xiv Hrs.
    5. None of these 
  8. What is IFSC? Give details?
    1. IFSC or Indian Financial System Code is an alpha-numeric code that uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating inwards the NEFT organisation
    2. This is an xi digit code amongst
    3. the get-go four alpha characters representing the banking concern
    4. the finally 6 characters representing the branch. The fifth graphic symbol is 0 (zero)
    5. All the above 
  9. What are the benefits of using NEFT ?
    1. The remitter take non send the physical check or Demand Draft to the beneficiary &The beneficiary take non see his / her banking concern for depositing the newspaper instruments.
    2. The beneficiary take non survive apprehensive of loss / theft of physical instruments or the likelihood of fraudulent encashment thereof
    3. Cost effective.
    4. Credit confirmation of the remittances sent past times SMS or e-mail
    5. All the above 
  10. Acceptance of coin inwards which schemes is non allowed every bit credence of coin nether those schemes is a cognizable offence nether the Prize Chit together with Money Circulation (Banning)?
    1. Money Circulation/
    2. Multi-level Marketing/
    3. Pyramid structured schemes
    4. Ponzi Scheme
    5. All the above 
  11. Which of the next is right amongst honor to RBI ?
    1. It is a supervisor of Financial System
    2. Prescribes regulations for audio performance of banks together with fiscal institutions, including non-banking finance companies
    3. Promotes best practices inwards guide chances management together with corporate governance to protect depositors’ involvement together with to heighten populace confidence inwards the fiscal organisation of the terra firma
    4. Encourages job of technology scientific discipline inwards banks to render cost-effective service to consumers
    5. All the above 
  12. What is ASBA ?
    1. ASBA is a supplementary procedure for applying inwards populace issues.
    2. ASBA facility tin survive used for Initial together with Follow-on Public Offers (IPO together with FPO), Rights Issues, together with Debt Issues..
    3. Under ASBA, funds volition choke on to earn involvement during the application processing period, if held inwards an involvement bearing account.
    4. Bank volition grade a lien on the deposit line organisation human relationship of the investor to the extent of the application money. The lien volition survive removed straight off later finalization of the soil of allotment. If bid is successful, the deposit line organisation human relationship volition survive debited together with the alloted shares volition survive transferred to the applicant’s Demat line organisation human relationship
    5. All the inwards a higher house
  13. In MICR technology scientific discipline the data is printed on the musical instrument amongst a particular type of ink together with it is made upwardly of which cloth ?
    1. Sand
    2. magnetic cloth
    3. Diamonds
    4. Aluminium
    5. Silver 
  14. What are the uses of the Cash Deposit Machine, ameliorate known every bit CDM ?
    1. is an ATM similar machine
    2. allows y’all to deposit cash direct into your line organisation human relationship using the ATM cum debit card.
    3. You tin job this machine to instantly credit your line organisation human relationship without visiting the branch.
    4. The transaction receipt every bit good gives y’all your updated line organisation human relationship residuum
    5. All the above 
  15. Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service is a novel facility added to which of the fol-lowing? (It facilitates funds transfer to an line organisation human relationship of the beneficiary amongst a participating bank, based on beneficiary’s Mobile Number together with MMID)
    1. Service Area Approach
    2. Mobile Banking Service
    3. Lead Bank method
    4. Home branch service
    5. None of these 
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