Banking Awareness Quiz – Ready 99

  1. What is the mainstay of Indian Economy ?
    1. Manufacturing
    2. Business
    3. Public Sector
    4. Agriculture
  2. The information of estimation of India’s National Income is issued yesteryear ?
    1. Planning Commission
    2. National Data Center
    3. Central Statistical Organization 
    4. None of these
  3. The almost of import root of majuscule formation inwards Republic of Republic of India has been ?
    1. Household savings
    2. Public sector savings
    3. Government revenue surpluses
    4. Corporate savings
  4. Which of the next is non a method of estimating national income ? 
    1. Income method
    2. Value-added method
    3. Expenditure method
    4. Export – Import method
  5. Which of the next are the features of underdevelopment inwards India. 
    1. Majority of the people depend on agriculture
    2. Low per capita income
    3. Incidence of unemployment
    4. All the above
  6. Which of the next are the features of mixed economic scheme inwards Republic of Republic of India ?
    1. Existence of somebody too world sectors
    2. Dominant business office of world sector
    3. Decentralized planning
    4. All the above 
  7. Which of the next are the roles of agriculture inwards Republic of Republic of India ?
    1. Providing employment
    2. Contributing to national income
    3. Supporting industry
    4. All the above
  8. Industrial sector depends on agriculture sector because 
    1. Agriculture provides nutrient grains to industrial words
    2. Agriculture supplies raw fabric to industries
    3. Agricultural sector provides marketplace for industrial products
    4. All the above
  9. As per the CSO classification, which of the next does non autumn nether finance too existent estate category ?
    1. Banking
    2. Construction
    3. Insurance
    4. Real estate
  10. The almost appropriate mensurate of a country’s economical increment is 
    1. GDP
    2. NDP
    3. Per capita existent income
    4. GNP
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