Banking Awareness : Unlike Types Of Atm’s, Coin Together With Pledge Vs Mortgage Vs Hypothecation

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Different Types of ATM’s
  1. On site ATM -within the premises of bank
  2. Off site ATM – Outside the banking firm premises
  3. Worksite ATM-Is located inside the premises of an organisation in addition to is to a greater extent than often than non meant alone for the employees of the organization.
  4. Cash Dispenser-Allows alone cash withdrawals, residuum research in addition to mini contention requests, cash dispenser(CD)
  5. Mobile ATM– refers to an ATM that moves inward diverse areas for the customers. Few soul banks get got introduced ATM on wheels.
  6. White Label ATM – Provided past times NBFC
  7. Green Label ATM – Provided for Agricultural Transaction
  8. Orange Label ATM – Provided for Share Transactions
  9. Yellow Label ATM – provided for E-commerce
  10. PINK label ATM- women banking
  11. BROWN label ATM – ATM are those Automated Teller Machines where hardware in addition to the lease of the ATM automobile is owned past times a service provider–but cash administration in addition to connectivity to banking networks is provided past times a sponsor bank
Different Types of Money
  1. Hot coin : It is the menstruation of funds (or capital) from 1 province to only about other inward companionship to earn a short-term turn a profit on involvement charge per unit of measurement differences and/or anticipated central charge per unit of measurement shifts
  2. Soft currency : It is a currency which is hyper sensitive in addition to fluctuates frequently. Such currencies react real sharply to the political or the economical province of affairs of a country.
  3. Hard Currency : Currency that is non probable to depreciate all of a abrupt or to fluctuate greatly inward value.
  4. Cheap Money :  A loan or credit alongside a depression involvement rate, or the setting of depression involvement rates past times a cardinal banking firm similar the Federal Reserve. Cheap coin is expert for borrowers, but bad for investors, who volition encounter the same depression involvement rates on investments similar saving funds, CDs in addition to bonds.
Define Pledge, Hypothecation in addition to Mortgage. 
  1. Pledge is used when the lender (pledgee) takes actual possession of assets (i.e. certificates, goods.  Such securities or goods are movable securities.  In this instance the pledgee retains the possession of the goods until the pledger (i.e. borrower) repays the entire debt amount.   In instance at that spot is default past times the borrower, the pledgee has a correct to sell the goods inward his possession in addition to arrange its proceeds towards the total due (i.e. principal in addition to involvement amount).  Some examples of pledge are Gold /Jewelry Loans, Advance against goods,/stock,  Advances against National Saving Certificates etc.
  2. Hypothecation is used for creating accuse against the safety of movable assets, but hither the possession of the safety remains alongside the borrower itself.   Thus, inward instance of default past times the borrower, the lender (i.e. to whom the goods / safety has been hypothecated) volition get got to offset get got possession of the safety in addition to and therefore sell the same.   The best illustration of this type of organisation are Car Loans.
  3. Mortgage is used for creating accuse against immovable belongings which includes land, buildings or anything that is attached to the public or permanently fastened to anything attached to the public (However, it does non include growing crops or grass every bit they tin hold upward easily detached from the earth).  The best illustration when mortgage is created is when someone takes a Housing Loan / Home Loan.  In this instance identify is mortgaged inward favor of the banking firm / financer but remains inward possession of the borrower, which he uses for himself or fifty-fifty may laissez passer on rent. 

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