Best Practices Inward Trading: Meditation

The side past times side best trading exercise inward our serial comes from reader John Hope-Robinson (@johnhr), who describes meditation every bit an of import tool inward conquering a key trading flaw.  John writes:

“We traders tin sack hold out an insecure lot.  We would rather at times hold out seen every bit a mysterious genius than only a successful trader.  This need, born from a faux feel of reality, tin sack atomic number 82 us to confuse intuition amongst ‘into wishing’.

We solely necessitate a arrangement amongst a pocket-size winning border to hold out a successful trader every bit long every bit nosotros follow the rules of the system.  Herein lies the Flaw.  So many traders are only non patient plenty to wait.  The fearfulness of doing zip tin sack hold out as well as hence terrifying that nosotros experience a necessitate to human activity to goal the fearfulness as well as gain mo relief from it.  This is the heart as well as soul issue.

Through meditation nosotros tin sack larn to hold out OK during the necessary times where nosotros necessitate to do zip but wait.  We larn to accomplish a clarity as well as calmness which tin sack allay this perceived necessitate to act.  Meditation could good hold out the best investment a trader may e’er make!”

John rightly points to 3 key benefits of meditation:

1)  Enhanced self-control – Meditation promotes calm, as well as it promotes focused concentration.  Both lift our cognitive as well as behavioral control, as well as hence that nosotros tin sack buy the farm mindful observers of our emotional patterns rather than victims of those.  The outset pace inward changing our patterns is becoming aware of them as well as non identifying amongst them.

2)  Enhanced access to intuition – It is when nosotros are nevertheless that nosotros convey greatest access to what nosotros may know, but non know that nosotros know.  Very oftentimes experienced traders possess a keen gut experience for markets, but that experience is drowned past times flying or struggle responses to marketplace action.  Meditation promotes a stillness that enables us to remove heed to ourselves.

3)  Enhanced well-being – We cannot merchandise good if nosotros are dominated past times fear:  the fearfulness of missing moves, the fearfulness of losing money, the fearfulness of beingness wrong, the fearfulness of inaction.  Research suggests that meditation tin sack atomic number 82 to enhanced personal satisfaction as well as subjective well-being, which permit us to human activity from a seat of emotional strength.

A corollary of this best exercise is that unopen to of your grooming fourth dimension for trading needs to tumble out away from trading screens.  Using meditation every bit a midday break–as good every bit a forenoon grooming for the day–helps us pace dorsum from markets as well as approach them amongst a fresh perspective.  Stepping away from markets tin sack hold out a powerful means of stepping dorsum from the reactive trading of markets.

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