Best Practices Inward Trading: Priming The Heed For Performance

One of the challenges of training is ensuring that what you’ve drilled when you’re inwards exercise mode volition genuinely stick inwards the heed when you’re inwards the rut of battle.  It is non at all uncommon for students to ready difficult for big tests, alone to bring the textile they studied wing out of their heads during the exam.  What nosotros procedure inwards a calm, focused mode in addition to what nosotros tin access when nosotros are hypercharged inwards flying or deal mode tin live on rattling unlike things.  That is why processing data to a greater extent than often in addition to deeply (encountering the data inwards unlike ways) is essential to cognitive performance.  What nosotros involve to know if most probable to stick if nosotros rehearse it well.

Today’s best exercise comes from reader Daniel Martin Schulz from Hamburg.  He describes a cognitive priming strategy that he has constitute effective inwards his trading preparation:

“Thinking dorsum to high schoolhouse in addition to academy times, i technique that often provided me amongst a welcome boost earlier of import tests the side yesteryear side morning time was to review especially of import textile correct earlier going to slumber (and I hateful correct earlier the caput hits the pillow, virtually the final matter earlier sleeping, except peradventure kissing your meaning other proficient night). It continues to amaze me how the textile thence reviewed “sticks”. It must live on something most how our encephalon consolidates data in addition to learned content during slumber (I am certain others bring written most it only I bring no link or article ready).

I produce non review a huge amount of charts – alone a handful of impress outs of the markets I followed rattling closely during the day, that I traded and/or that I intend to merchandise the side yesteryear side session. I usage iv fourth dimension frames for each marketplace (daily, hourly, xv min, five minute – only these details are unimportant in addition to the fourth dimension frames volition vary from trader to trader). What volition non vary is that nosotros tin “seed” our unconscious/sleeping brains amongst something to move amongst during the black that way. A little wages certainly – only ours is a occupation concern of hunting the always in addition to then slight edge.”

Daniel’s review strategy is effective because it reduces the comport upon of interference from the processing of subsequent events.  Research suggests that an of import purpose of inventiveness is an incubation procedure inwards which nosotros relax our focus next intensive immersion inwards a problem.  Daniel uses slumber equally that incubation period, achieving a form of seeding of the mind.  This mightiness assist both the shout out back of data studied in addition to the integration of that data into fresh trading ideas.

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