Beyond Coping: Living Life To Its Fullest

Traders write to me as well as verbalize alongside me well-nigh a lot of things.  Sometimes it’s well-nigh problems they’re having inwards their trading; sometimes it’s trying to brand feel of markets.

Few traders verbalize well-nigh novel discoveries they’ve made; fresh challenges they’ve undertaken; or novel as well as promising approaches they’re taking to markets.

If I had to pull the opinion of most traders I run into through the blog, it would last “coping”.  They’re weathering the vicissitudes of markets, hoping to non blow up, hoping to instruct paid at the terminate of their efforts.

There’s a lot to last said for coping, specially relative to the alternative.  

But there’s nada magical inwards coping; nada energizing, ennobling, exciting, or stimulating.  It’s no agency to approach a union or a career. You mightiness brand it through as well as brand it safely equally a well-preserved body, exactly lead maintain y’all lived?

My recent post outlined an experiment I’m conducting alongside my trading.  It mightiness plow out well; it mightiness become bust.  Part of the fun is finding out how the floor ends.  Either way, I intend to brand it inwards a cloud of smoke, thoroughly worn out, happy for the ride.

May y’all alive to last quondam as well as ever alive young.

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