Current Rbi Policy Rates Together With Reserve Ratios 2019

Latest RBI Policy Rates (Repo, Reverse Repo, MSF, Bank Rate) & Reserve Ratios (CRR, SLR) 2019

The Reserve Bank of Bharat has on seventh Feb 2019 has slashed Repo charge per unit of measurement past times a quarter of a part (0.25%). This makes loans cheaper as well as provides greater liquidity inwards the market. Now banks tin borrow from RBI at 6.25%.
RBI’s policy announcements agree significance for many reasons.

  • A novel physical care for to create upwardly one’s hear policy rates has also been adopted. An human action was passed inwards the parliament which called for keeping the retail cost inflation betwixt 2-6 percent. 
  • A commission has been formed comprising of representatives from both RBI as well as centre which forthwith makes the telephone scream upwardly on key policy rates of the key bank. 
  • It was for the origin fourth dimension that a vi fellow member commission took the determination to cut the repo charge per unit of measurement as well as this determination was a unanimous one. 

Latest Policy Rates of the Reserve Bank of Bharat (RBI)

Here is the listing of Current Policy Rates as well as Reserve Ratios of Indian Banking equally on seventh Feb 2019. Happy Reading 🙂

S. No
Rates / Reserve Ratios
Bank Rate
7th Feb 2019
Repo Rate
7th Feb 2019
Reverse Repo Rate
7th Feb 2019
Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
9th Feb 2013
Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)
7th Feb 2019
Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)
7th Feb 2019
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