Deflationary Concerns Weighing On Global Stock Markets

The wide U.S. stock marketplace put (New York Stock Exchange Composite Index; transcend chart) has been making lower highs, simply other equity markets accept been inwards pregnant spend upwards since mid-year, including EuroStoxx (FEZ; minute nautical chart from top); non-U.S. shares (EFA; tertiary nautical chart from top); together with emerging markets (EEM; tertiary nautical chart from bottom). 

At the same time, we’ve been seeing a sudden spend upwards inwards fossil oil prices (USO; minute nautical chart from bottom) together with dramatically declining yields at the long cease (TLT; bottom chart).  A mutual subject alongside these markets is deflation.  My trouble organisation is that a capitulation leg downward inwards fossil oil from hither would atomic number 82 to a like risk-off leg alongside stock markets, including the U.S., reflecting The Challenges of Disinflation

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