Equitas Minor Finance Depository Fiscal Establishment Launches Xanthous Regular Army Savings Account

In association amongst the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), a franchise of the Indian Premium League (IPL), Chennai based Equitas Small Finance Bank has launched a novel ‘Yellow Army Savings Account’.
The yellowish regular army savings account, which was unveiled past times CSK players Dwayne Bravo as well as Murali Vijay, volition offering an involvement charge per unit of measurement of vi per cent per annum for residual below ₹10 lakh as well as 6.5 per cent per annum for residual higher upwards ₹10 lakh. The average quarterly residual requirement volition hold upwards ₹10,000 per account.

The Yellow Army Visa debit menu comes amongst personal accident comprehend of upwards to ₹5 lakh, air accident comprehend of ₹30 lakh as well as lost menu liability of upwards to ₹25,000. Customers tin every bit good avail themselves of exclusive offers on motion painting ticket-booking, food, amusement as well as lifestyle as well as earn vantage points for all purchases.
Equitas volition hold upwards the master copy sponsor of CSK as well as the banking partner of Team CSK for 3 years. This deed volition aid the banking enterprise to increase it’s client base. 
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