Expat’s Wellness Insurance Tin Hold Upward Cancelled Inwards Exclusively Iii Cases

s Health Insurance Can Be Cancelled In Only  Expat's Health Insurance Can Be Cancelled In Only iii Cases

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) of the Kingdom of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia clarified that at that spot are iii cases inwards which employers tin flame cancel expat’s or citizens ‘ insurance policy. It is the responsibleness of an employer to insure all his employees in addition to their dependents are covered.

An expat asked that his married adult woman in addition to kid convey been added to his insurance policy, tin flame their insurance live on canceled in addition to the residual of sum refund? The reply was given past times the Health Insurance Council stating that at that spot are solely iii cases for canceling the wellness insurance of an expat.

  1. Transfer of Sponsorship
  2. Final Exit
  3. Death

It has been clarified past times the Council that the employer is responsible to insure all his workers in addition to their covered job solid unit of measurement members, who are wives, manly somebody children upwards to the historic menstruum of 25 years, in addition to single in addition to non-working daughters for the duration of their usage amongst him.

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