Expected Questions From Spousal Human Relationship Budget 2014-15 : Develop 2

Friends, hither is the minute laid of our Union Budget 2014-15 Expected Questions series. You ca read set 1 from here. Happy Reading 🙂
According to the Union Budget 2014-15, what is the projected financial deficit for 2014-16 every bit outlined past times the Road map for financial consolidation ?

Until the twelvemonth 2000, at which fourth dimension Union Budget was presented inward Lok Sabha?

From the twelvemonth 2001 Union Budget was started announcing at eleven am. Who presented the get-go budget at eleven am inward 2001?

In Union budget 2014 FDI cap inward Defense in addition to Insurance sector has been increased to _______% from 26%?

Fund laid aside for PSU banks capitalization?

According to the Unoin Budget 2014, Republic of Republic of India volition accomplish full sanitation past times which twelvemonth ?

Minimum pension increased to  ___________  per calendar month inward Budget 2014?

Income taxation exemption boundary for senior citizens has been raised to ________ inward Budget 2014?

Which system volition travel introduced at ix airports inward the province every bit announced inward Budget 2014?

Govt proposed to ready how many smart cities inward Union Budget 2014?

Which novel programme was announced inward the Union Budget 2014-15 to laissez passer on impetus to0 watershed evolution inward the province ?

Plan expenditure pegged at _________ lakh crore?

Non-plan expenditure pegged at _________ crore?

How much fund has been provided for “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojna” for assured irrigation?

According to the Union Budget 2014-15, Employment exchanges volition travel transformed into career centres. What is the corpus of provision made inward this consider ?

The Union Budget 2014-15 has announced the evolution of “one Hundred Smart Cities”. The allocated budget for this is ?

The taxation exemption boundary has been increased to __________ lakhs from existing two lakhs inward Budget 2014?

The Union Budget 2014-15 has announced to ready National Academy for Customs & Excise at Hindupur. Hindupu is located inward which province ?

How many novel IITs convey been announced inward Union Budget 2014?

How many novel AIIMs convey been announced inward Union Budget 2014?

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