Get Iqama For Novel Born Inward Saudi Arabia

  • Get nascency notification from infirmary created via online portal of Ministry of Health (MOH). Ensure right naming as well as spelling.
  • Obtain appointment from Absher to catch Civil Affairs (Ahwal Al-Madani) to obtain the nascency certificate.
  • Obtain verification on nascency certificate past times Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). There is a exceptional counter within Ahwal office.
  • Obtain baby’s passport from your diplomatic mission (mandatory to obtain Iqama and/or procedure exit/re-entry).
  • Pay baby’s subject fee or levy.
  • Visit “babies born within Kingdom section” inward Jawazat as well as obtain Iqama. There is a shape for the role as well as 2 photographs of babe are required.

Process details:

1. Birth notification from Hospital:

The infirmary is responsible to give yous a nascency notification printed past times them via MOH portal. Ensure all details are right on the notification including the spelling of refer inward English linguistic communication as well as Arabic. People accept reported issues at Ahwal component division if the names audio dissimilar inward English linguistic communication as well as Standard Arabic or incorporate other information errors.
Also, men on sponsorship of their wives may also take away to exhibit Saudi MOFA attested re-create of their union certificate too beingness enrolled inward Absher.

2. Ahwal (appointment required):

Start early. Try to majority an appointment using this link before the expected appointment of delivery. At times the organization is total or otherwise does non locomote thence salvage yourself from concluding infinitesimal panic. Always majority the appointment alongside Ahwal inward your portion equally other regions volition turn down to serve you.
At Ahwal office, exhibit safety officers the appointment as well as maintain to the reception where the officeholder volition resultant yous a token number as well as around other counter volition procedure your illustration to resultant yous the nascency certificate on your turn.
In illustration yous don’t accept an appointment, safety officers volition non permit yous to motility into the component division simply endeavor to explicate the province of affairs as well as facts; they mightiness consider your case.

Documents required:

  • Appointment sideslip printout.
  • Birth notification issued past times the infirmary alongside their stamp.
  • Original as well as copies of parents’ Iqama.
  • Original as well as copies of parents’ passport.
  • Ahwal notification form.
  • On spot payment of SR fifty fee (if 1 calendar month since nascency twenty-four hours has passed).

Expected time:

fifteen to 45 minutes within the office.

Note for Riyadh expatriates:

  • Only Nasiriyyah branch inward Riyadh serves expats, all others are for Saudi citizen.

3. MOFA (fee payment required):

People accept reported at that topographic point is a MOFA counter within Ahwal component division where yous tin pay prescribed fee of SR xxx inward cash as well as obtain attestation which volition brand your baby’s nascency certificate official.
Alternatively, yous may also visit MOFA website (Arabic) or this English linguistic communication link, pick out “attestation of nascency certificate” as well as pay fee online thence catch MOFA component division alongside master copy nascency certificate to larn verification as well as stamp.

Expected time:

Anything xxx minutes to 1 hour.

4. Visit to your country’s Embassy:

You take away baby’s passport to last able to claim his or her Iqama. Contact your Embassy for documentary requirements equally they vary from province to country. Typically, they inquire for a MOFA verified re-create of nascency certificate (some Embassies require translation from Standard Arabic to English), national identification documents of parents.

Expected time:

Anything betwixt ten to xl days.

5. Visit “babies born inward Kingdom” department inward Jawazat:

Appointments are no longer required. Pay subject levy for the novel born as well as catch “Babies born within Kingdom” department inward Jawazat. Amount of levy depends on organization calculation from the twenty-four hours of nascency until the death appointment of Iqama of the sponsor (father, or woman bring upwardly inward illustration of working women).
People accept recommended early on morning time hours for quicker service as well as avoidance of rush.


  1. Expat levy: Make certain yous pay expat levy inward social club to larn Iqama for your babe otherwise Jawazat volition deny service to you. Go to your online banking concern > pick out authorities payment > discovery alien command related payments > discovery an pick like to “adding subject born inward Kingdom” > motility into father’s Iqama number > required sum volition seem > pay as well as impress the slipFee sum volition depend on Iqama death of father.
  2. If yous are making Iqama afterwards 1 yr of nascency date, yous volition also take away to pay a belatedly fine of SR 1,000.

Documents required:

  • Original as well as a re-create of nascency certificate.
  • 2 photographs of your babe (white background preferred, acquit extra photos of the babe field yous catch Jawazat).
  • Original as well as copies of parents’ Iqama.
  • Original as well as copies of parents’ passport along alongside baby’s passport.
  • Payment of expat levy (and belatedly fine, if applicable).

Expected time:

ten minutes to 1 hour.

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