Hajj Too Umrah” Announces The Kingdom’S Intention To Constitute The Rite Of Hajj For The Twelvemonth 2021 (1442 Ah )

s Intention To Establish The Rite Of Hajj For The Year   Hajj in addition to Umrah” Announces The Kingdom’s Intention To Establish The Rite Of Hajj For The Year  2021 (1442 AH )

Ministry of Hajj in addition to Umrah announced the Kingdom’s intention to found the ceremony of Hajj for the twelvemonth 2021(1442 AH) to brand certain the preservation of the security in addition to wellness of the pilgrims, inward accordance amongst security, wellness in addition to regulatory controls in addition to standards that safeguard the preservation of their wellness in addition to the performance of their ceremony smoothly in addition to easily inward a rubber environment.

The Ministry declared that the wellness committees inward the Kingdom are continuing to assess weather in addition to lead keep all measures to safeguard the preservation of human health, pointing out the controlling details in addition to operational plans for Hajj this twelvemonth volition locomote announced later.

They pointed out that this comes from the Kingdom’s constant keenness to enable the guests of the Sacred House of God (GRAND MOSQUE)and visitors to the Mustafa Mosque (MADINA -AL-MUNAWWARAH), may peace in addition to blessings locomote upon him, to perform the rituals of Hajj in addition to Umrah, every bit the Kingdom, wellness in addition to security seat inward the front end line.

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