Hdfc Depository Fiscal Establishment Md Aditya Puri Inwards World’s Thirty Best Ceos List

The Managing Director of HDFC Bank, Aditya Puri along alongside iii other Indians has featured inward American fiscal periodical Barron’s listing of world’s thirty best CEOs. Mr. Puri stood at 23rd Position inward the thirty fellow member listing beating social media giant Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is listed on the 30th spot.

Mr. Puri has transformed HDFC Bank from a start-up into ane of the world’s highest-quality banks,generating eye-popping returns yesteryear maintaining lending standards acre expanding beyond corporate loans into a full-service retail bank,’ Barron’s said.

While the function yesteryear seat has been secured yesteryear Mary Barra of General Motors, Gary Dickerson of Applied Materials is on the minute spot, Stephen Hemsley on tertiary Jensen Huang of Nvidia on forth in addition to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is on 5th sport along alongside the names of Amazon’s CEO Jeffrey Bezos, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz on dissimilar spots inward the list.
Important Note : Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella in addition to Adobe Systems’ caput Shantanu Narayen were other Indian CEOs inward the list. 
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