Highlights Of Rbi’s Fourth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review 2018

In it’s 4th bi-monthly policy review, the Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India (RBI) kept the key lending charge per unit of measurement (Repo Rate) unchanged at 6.5 per cent. Consequently, the contrary repo charge per unit of measurement nether the LAF remains at 6.25 per cent, too the marginal standing facility (MSF) charge per unit of measurement too the Bank Rate at 6.75 per cent. Here are the major highlights.

Highlights of RBI monetary policy review

  • RBI keeps key lending charge per unit of measurement (repo) unchanged at 6.5 per cent
  • Reverse repo charge per unit of measurement stands at 6.25 per cent, banking concern charge per unit of measurement at 6.75 per cent too Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) at iv per cent
  • Projects retail inflation to rising to 3.8-4.5 per cent inwards October-March
  • Retains gross domestic product increment guess at 7.4 per cent for electrical flow fiscal*
  • Global economical activeness becoming uneven, outlook clouded yesteryear uncertainties
  • Excise cutting inwards petrol too diesel fuel volition moderate retail inflation
  • Rise inwards fossil oil prices may convey a bearing on disposable incomes, dent turn a profit margins of corporates
  • Oil prices stay vulnerable to farther upside pressures
  • Global, domestic financial atmospheric condition tightened, may dampen investment activity
  • Fiscal slippage at the centre/state to convey a bearing on the inflation outlook, too heightening marketplace position volatility too crowding out soul investment
  • Inflation outlook needs a unopen vigil over the side yesteryear side few months, several upside risks persist
  • Trade tensions, volatile too rising fossil oil prices, too tightening global financial atmospheric condition set substantial risks to growth, inflation outlook
  • Calls for farther strengthening of domestic macroeconomic fundamentals
The side yesteryear side coming together of the Monetary Policy Committee volition live on on third to fifth Dec 2018.

Current RBI Policy Rates 2018

  • Repo Rate : 6.50%
  • Reverse Repo Rate : 6.25%
  • MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) : 6.75%
  • Bank Rate : 6.75%
  • CRR : 4%
  • SLR : 19.5%
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