How Lxxx Woman Somebody Soldiers Performing Their Draw Of Piece Of Occupation At The Gates Of The Chiliad Mosque Inwards Mecca Together With Amidst Pilgrims

 Female Soldiers Performing Their Task At The Gates Of The Grand Mosque In Mecca And Among  How lxxx Female Soldiers Performing Their Task At The Gates Of The Grand Mosque In Mecca And Among Pilgrims

Hajj in addition to Umrah safety forces convey allotted lxxx woman soul soldiers to keep safety in addition to sorting crowds at the gates of the Grand Mosque inward Mecca, in addition to amid the groups of pilgrims, for the starting fourth dimension time inward the Ramadan season.

One of the woman soul soldiers, Ghaida Bakr, told inward statements to Al-Arabiya that the safety axis is the leading chore of the servicewoman, in addition to directing the woman soul pilgrims, inward add-on to the organizational component, from managing herd/crowd inward every halls of the Grand Mosque, its roles, parking lot in addition to expansion.

Ghaida Bakr stressed the involvement of the woman soul soldiers inward precautionary measures for the emerging Corona virus, in addition to to render a helping mitt in addition to assisting to those who teach to the Sacred the Grand mosque/House of God.

Another soldier, Mona Al-Zahrani, mentioned to the military machine preparation she in addition to her colleagues received inward Riyadh, to bargain alongside all safety issues, apply precautionary measures, in addition to monitor violations.

In Oct final year, General Security announced that the completion of the qualification of 148 woman soul trainees alongside the rate equally soldier, inward the tertiary session, in addition to their joining of hold upward inward the Special Forces for Hajj in addition to Umrah Security, later on they spent three months of training.

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