Important Details Behind Rbi Logo

After it was established during the British Rule on 1st Apr 1935, RBI considered the next things to brand it’s official logo / seal.
  • The seal should emphasise the Governmental condition of the Bank, but non every bit good closely;
  • It should accept something Indian inwards the design;
  • It should endure simple, artistic together with heraldically correct; and
  • The blueprint should endure such that it could endure used without substantial change for missive of the alphabet heading, etc.
For this purpose, the Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India has examined diverse seals, medals together with coins. Finally it was satisfied alongside East Republic of Republic of India Company’s Double Mehour, which is having the sketches of Lion together with Palm Tree, together with found it suitable. 

Then RBI’s Deputy Governor, Sir James Taylor decided to supervene upon the Panthera leo yesteryear tiger because he idea tiger is regarded every bit the to a greater extent than feature beast of India. This tiger was modelled from the statue of the tiger on the entrance gate at Belvedere, Calcutta. This logo was approved yesteryear the board on 23rd Feb 1935.
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