Important Details Well-Nigh Commercial Newspaper (Cp) In Addition To Npci (National Payments Firm Of India)

Hi friends I am Sarath Chandra Reddy. Today I am sharing of import points almost Commercial Paper as well as NPCI. Happy Reading 🙂
Commercial Paper (CP)
  • CP–an unsecured money marketplace put musical instrument issued inwards the shape of a promissory note.
  • CP was introduced —-1990.
  • Who tin upshot CP—-Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) as well as the All-India Financial Institutions (FIs).
  • Corporate– audited residue sheet, is non less than Rs. 4 crore entirely eligible.
  • CP is —-Money marketplace put instrument
  • CP is —-Short-term borrowing.
  • Requirement for issuance of CP–must convey CRISIL(or)CARE(or) ICRA’s minimum rating—–A-2
  • Minimum menstruum of maturity —- 7days
  • Maximum menstruum of maturity ——-1 year
  • Denominations a CP–Rs.5 lakh or multiples thereof.
  • CP upshot stay open—2 weeks
  • Issuing as well as Paying Agent (IPA)—Only a scheduled bank
  • FIMMDA—Fixed Income Money Market as well as Derivatives Association of India
  • IPA—the Issuing as well as Paying Agent
NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)
Umbrella scheme for all retail payments scheme inwards India—NPCI
It was gear upwards alongside the guidance as well as back upwards of —-RBI,IBA
NPCI Started— 2009
NPCI Headquarters—Mumbai
It was registered under— Section 25 companionship nether Companies Act 1956
The authorized majuscule of NPCI—- Rs 300 cr
The paid upwards majuscule of NPCI——– Rs 100 cr
The Chairman—– Shri Balachandran M
physician & CEO—–Shri A. P. Hota
Domestic carte payment network past times NPCI—-RuPay
AEPS— Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
BFD—-Best finger detection—highest probability of matching
ON-US transaction—intra-bank—Same bank
OFF-US transaction— inter-bank—one banking enterprise to another
APBS— Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
AEBA—Aadhaar Enabled Bank Accounts
IIN–Institution Identification Number—Issued past times NPCI
Who is operationalise CTS—NPCI
UPI–Unified Payments Interface(The Future of Payment)
The limit of fund transfer using UPI—- 1 Lakh.
The largest network of shared automated teller machines (ATMs) —NPS(national payment system)
IMPS–Real fourth dimension payment service that is available circular the clock by–NPCI
MMID–Mobile Money Identifier
MMID–Seven digit number of which the get-go iv digits are the unique identification number of the banking enterprise offering IMPS
NUUP–National Unified USSD Platform–*99#
Knowing their Aadhaar Seeding condition alongside their banking enterprise account–Query Service on Aadhaar Mapper (QSAM)
QSAM (TO know aadhar linked to banking enterprise or not)—dialling– *99*99#
NACH—National Automated Clearing House–2 types NACH (Debit) & NACH (Credit)
NACH(Debit) & NACH (Credit) aims at facilitating interbank high volume, depression value debit/credit
transactions, which are repetitive inwards nature, electronically using the NPCI service
UMRN—Unique Mandate Reference Number–20 digit unique number for each mandate—NACH Debit
Format of UMRN is : First iv digit of debtor banking enterprise IFSCcode + First + First iv digit of digit of creditor banking enterprise IFSC code creditor banking enterprise IFSC code +12 digit volition endure running digit volition endure running
sequence number .
For Ex:HDFCICIC000000000001
The Indian domestic carte scheme conceived as well as launched past times the National Payments Corporation of Republic of Republic of India (NPCI)—RuPay
“RuPay” is the coinage of 2 price Rupee as well as Payment
CVD—Card Validation Data–It’s a iii digit number printed on the dorsum of the carte same every bit CVV
Bill payment scheme past times NPCI–BBPS–Bharat Bill Payment System– unmarried construct image
BBPCU—Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit
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