Important Details You Lot Should Know Most Credit Rating Agencies

Credit rating is the technique of credit peril valuation for the corporate debt instruments reflection borrower’s expected capability in addition to inclination to pay involvement in addition to regulation inwards a timely manner. A credit rating means  (CRA, too called a ratings service) is an entity which assesses the mightiness in addition to willingness of the issuer fellowship for timely payment of involvement in addition to primary on a debt instrument. John Moody first introduced this concept inwards the twelvemonth 1909.

Methodology : A ration practice is done at the asking of the company. It applies to a special debt obligation of the fellowship in addition to is non a full general run evaluation of the company. As nosotros convey grades inwards schools, the rating given past times credit rating agencies is denoted past times a elementary alphanumeric symbol, for e.g. AA+, A-, etc.

Here the Plus in addition to minus symbols are used to betoken finer distinctions inside a rating category. The minus symbol associated amongst ratings has no negative connotations. In fact, ratings inwards a higher rating category such every bit ‘AA-‘ are stronger than ratings inwards a lower rating category such every bit ‘A+‘. Below is the listing of of import credit rating agencies which volition endure helpful inwards the Banking Awareness department of upcoming IBPS PO IV in addition to Clerks IV Online Exams. Happy Reading 🙂

Important details of Credit Rating Agencies

Name of the Agency
Head Quarter
Head / Key People
Moodys Investor Service
Bond Market
New York, USA City
Raymon W.MC
Daniel Jr
Standard in addition to Poor
Financial Services
New York, USA City
Neeraj Sahai

Fitch rating
Financial Services
New York City, USA & London, UK
Paul Taylor
(CEO & President)
Credit Rating Information Services
of Republic of Republic of India Ltd
Risk in addition to Policy Advisory
Mumbai, India
Ashu Suryash
(MD & CEO)
Investment Information and
Credit Rating Agency of India
Credit Rating in addition to Financial Consulting
Gurgaon, India
Naresh Takkar (CEO)
Credit Information Bureau Republic of Republic of India Ltd.
Research, Risk in addition to Policy Advisory
Mumbai, India
Satish Pillai
(MD & CEO)
Credit Rating, Risk
Sion (East), Mumbai, India
O. V. Bundellu (Chairman)
(FOR msme’s)
Research, Risk & Policy advisor
Mumbai, India
Sudesh Kumar
Brick piece of occupation India
Risk & Advisory
Bangalore, India
Vivek Kulkarni
(Chairman & CEO)
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