Important : Railway Budget Merged Alongside Matrimony Budget

Friends, the Union Cabinet today approved the scrapping of the 92-year old usage of presenting Railway Budget and merged it amongst the Union Budget. This means, there volition live on no divide railway budget from the adjacent fiscal twelvemonth (2017). This merger would Pb to presentation of a unmarried Appropriation Bill, including the estimates of Ministry of Railways, thereby saving precious fourth dimension of Parliament past times non having to concord divide consideration together with passing of 2 Appropriation Bills.
Further, the Cabinet too approved the advancing of the appointment of presentation of the Union Budget, which is currently presented on the final working solar daytime of February. 

The Railway Budget was separated from the full general regime finances inwards the twelvemonth 1924. The mensurate was taken on the recommendations submitted past times a panel led past times British economist William Acworth inwards 1920-21. 
The motion to discard the British-era usage of a divide runway budget past times the Modi regime comes afterwards a 2-member commission comprising Niti Aayog fellow member Bibek Debroy and Kishore Desai recommended the usage live on scrapped. This commission on restructuring of the Ministry of Railways had recommended that having a divide railway budget should live on phased out, merging it amongst the General Budget.
The Cabinet too approved removal of distinction betwixt Plan together with Non-Plan expenditure every bit the acquaint classification resulted inwards excessive focus on sometime amongst nearly equivalent fail to items such every bit maintenance which are classified every bit non-Plan. The Cabinet felt it is the full expenditure, irrespective of Plan or Non-Plan, that generates value for the public. Plan expenditure was for the showtime fourth dimension presented separately inwards the budget for 1959-60.
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