King Abdullah Projection To Resume Zamzam Distribution Inward Makkah

King Abdullah Project To Resume Zamzam Distribution inwards Makkah King Abdullah Project To Resume Zamzam Distribution inwards Makkah
The Zamzam H2O bottles distribution volition resume from King Abdullah Project for Zamzam Water inwards Kudai inwards Makkah from Tuesday, March 23. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, caput of the Presidency for the Affairs of Two Holy Mosques as well as Chairman of the Project’s Supervisory Committee announced this statement.

He said the official projection operator National Water Company would kickoff receiving visitors as well as those who desire to purchase the blessed H2O from the Project, every bit business office of the elaborate preparations to run across the growing remove for the holy H2O on the advent of the fasting calendar month of Ramadan.

The distribution volition survive held for a few hours starting from 1:00 p.m. till nine p.m. all days except Friday. All precautionary measures as well as protocols are ensured for the security of the visitors from coronavirus. The toll of a five-liter bottle is SAR5.5, inclusive of the VAT. The quota of the holy H2O for each mortal volition survive 4 bottles afterward every fifteen days.

The maximum let on of customers allowed to motion into the client tending pump of the Project volition survive threescore at a fourth dimension during working hours. The Zamzam H2O bottles tin survive collected from the Project headquarters, besides every bit from hypermarkets as well as superstores. More than 5 i G k bottles are existence supplied to the hypermarkets as well as stores for distribution.

There are 42 distribution points at the headquarters inwards Kudai. The holy H2O volition survive pumped from the good as well as therefore sent for purification as well as sterilization. The holy H2O volition survive sent to tanks inwards Kudai where it volition survive packed, stored, as well as distributed. The tanks at the projects are of 10,000 cubic meters of capacity. The pipelines are of i kilometer from the good to the project. The good is located 21 meters due east of the holy Kaaba as well as its opening is 1.56 meter below mataf (circumambulation expanse closed to the Holy Kaaba) surface.

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