Making Your Trading Fist: 5 Fingers Of Preparation

Coach K has it right: a finger past times itself is far less powerful than 5 fingers joined into a fist.  When a entitle basketball game squad prepares for a game, it doesn’t exactly piece of job on 1 affair today, roughly other tomorrow, in addition to focus on something else roughly other day.  Rather, it industrial plant on telephone commutation skills in addition to strategies every unmarried twenty-four lx minutes menses of practice.  That way, each finger of preparation makes a fist of preparation for success.  Coaches know that if a squad can’t burn on all cylinders inwards practice, they won’t hold upwards prepared to hand their all at game time.

During my fourth dimension at Duke, 1 of the preparation drills for the basketball game squad was the requirement to brand 10 consecutive costless throws at the terminate of practice.  In other words, you lot couldn’t become to the locker room, accept your squeamish hot shower, in addition to teach dorsum to your dorm room until you lot made 10 consecutive shots from the line.  Think nearly that:  you’re tired, sweaty, exactly wanting to teach into that shower–and instantly you lot cause got to concentrate in addition to smash 10 inwards a row.  Imagine the frustration of making 5 in addition to clanging the sixth–and thus starting over.  Imagine the frustration of seeing your teammates drain their tenth shot in addition to you’re yet struggling on the line.  

It plays amongst your head.

And that was the move of the drill:  If you lot could line it together in addition to brand those shots inwards a challenging exercise situation, you’d hold upwards improve prepared to brand that key costless throw downwardly the stretch inwards the rut of a tournament game.  

*That* is preparation:  placing yourself inwards realistic, challenging situations in addition to preparation yourself to perform at your highest.  Preparation is non merely writing inwards a mag or scanning a bunch of charts or reviewing diverse pieces of research.  Each 1 of those things is a finger.  Preparation joins the fingers into a fist through full-throttle practice.

Imagine that, afterward every day, week, or calendar month of piteous trading inwards markets, you lot had to replay those periods 1 fourth dimension unit of measurement at a time, brand novel decisions, in addition to proceed replaying those markets until you lot made the right decisions for the right reasons.  You could non resume existent fourth dimension trading until you lot successfully relived the periods of bad trading and–in realistic simulation–corrected your errors.

Such an exercise would strength you lot to rest inwards the right mindset; focus on the right pieces of information; follow the right trading rules; brand the right decisions; in addition to create do the positions the right way.  It would bring together those 5 fingers of preparation into a exercise fist.  

It wouldn’t hold upwards fun, but it would hold upwards a powerful agency to ensure that bad trading doesn’t plow into bad habits.

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