Model Job Newspaper For Banking Awareness – Railroad Train 9

A Banking Ombudsman  volition non entertain Credit Card complaints which are to a greater extent than than ______________ months old

  1. 3 months
  2. 6 months
  3. 9 months
  4. 12 months
  5. 14 months

The machines installed past times varoius banks to disburse coin to full general world are called ?

A centralized database amongst online connectivity to branches, network equally good equally ATM network which has been adpoted past times almost all major banks of our province is known equally ?

‘Poverty Line’ means?

The Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India (RBI) has decided to remove its nominee directors from the boards of which of the next types of banks ?

  1. Co-operative Banks
  2. Nationalized Banks
  3. Private Sector Banks
  4. Foreign Banks
  5. None of these

Which of the next is / are right close th e”Operational Risk” equally used inward the patch of banking ?
A) Risk of loss due to inadequate or failed internal process
B) Risk of loss due to natural calamities
C) Loss occured due to noncompliance of legal procedures

  1. Only A
  2. Only B
  3. Only C
  4. All A, B together with C
  5. None fo these

The largest portion inward the curt term coin marketplace of Republic of Republic of India inward recent times belonged to the segment _______________

  1. Co-lateised Borrowing together with Lending Obligation (CBLO)
  2. Traditional Repo
  3. Clearcorp Repo Over Matching System (CROMS)
  4. Call
  5. Others

The International Monetary Fund together with the World Bank were conceived equally institutions to __________________

  1. strengthen international economical cooperation adn to assistance practise a to a greater extent than stable together with prosperouis global economy
  2. IMF promotes international monetary cooperation
  3. The World Bank promotes long term economical evolution together with poverty reduction
  4. All of these
  5. None of these

The Associate Bank of SBI practise non include ?

  1. SBH
  2. SBP
  3. SBM
  4. SBT
  5. SBC

Which of the next is the total cast of the term SLR equally used inward the banking sector ?

  1. Social Lending Ratio
  2. Statutory Liquidity Ratio
  3. Scheduled Liquidity Rate
  4. Separate Lending Rate
  5. None of these

Which of the next banking concern has been included inward the minute Schedule to the RBI Act, 1934 amongst final result from 21st August 2004 together with hence is the latest entrant inward Indian Banking equally a novel generation someone sector banking concern ?

  1. ICICI Bank Ltd
  2. HDFC Bank Ltd
  3. Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
  4. Yes Bank Ltd
  5. None of these

Which of the next organizations provides guarantee to the exporters ?

  1. Exim Bank
  2. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
  3. Director General Foreign Trade
  4. Reserve Bank of India
  5. Registrar of Companies

Car Loan / Auto Loan are sanctioned to the extent of ?

A Bank / Financial Organization these days relies heavily on e-commerce for its transaction. As a operate of systems security, it has introduced organization’s safety awareness manual. This pace of the arrangement tin hold upwards classified unde rwhich of the next categories of measures for a describe organisation ?

  1. Preventive
  2. Compliance
  3. Corrective
  4. Detective
  5. None of these

As nosotros know, a lot of novel companies are beingness used inward the patch of banking these days. Which of the next is NOT i such concept / production straight associated amongst banks ?

  1. F-Payment
  2. SMS Alert
  3. ATM / Debit Card
  4. Demat Account
  5. Number Portability

The Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India (RBI) Acts equally a banker’s bank. This would imply which of the next ?
A) Other Banks keep their deposits amongst the RBI
B) RBI lends funds to the commercial banks inward times of need
C) RBI Advises the commercial banks on monetary matters

  1. B together with C
  2. A together with B
  3. A together with C
  4. A, B together with C
  5. None of these

The type of annotation number scheme followed inward Republic of Republic of India is ____________

  1. Proportiaonal Fiduciary System
  2. Fixed Fiduciary System
  3. Minimum Fiduciary System
  4. Minimum Reserve System
  5. None of these

Consider the next statements together with province which of them is / are true?
A) Loan together with advances are both granted past times banks to client for a long catamenia of time
B) Banks decease along our jewellery together with of import documents rubber amongst them
C) Through overdraft, a client tin remove to a greater extent than coin than the amount inward his / her banking concern account
D) Discounting of bills is done past times banks gratuitous of cost

A grouping of countries which ahs abolished all Traffis together with equally good quantitative restrictions betwixt themselves is called

World Bank headquarters is inward _____________

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