Most Expected Banking Awareness Questions For Ibps Po 7 & Ibps Clerks 7 – Gear Upwards 121

  1. As per the Code of Bank’s Commitment to Customers a depository fiscal establishment must close/transfer an concern human relationship maximum inside a menstruum of ____________ days from the engagement of receipt of application.
    1. 3 Days
    2. 5 days
    3. 7 days
    4. At the earliest possible
    5. No such restriction
  2. Which opportunity is eliminated inward illustration of the RTGS transaction ?
    1. Credit opportunity
    2. Operational opportunity
    3. Settlement opportunity
    4. Systematic opportunity
    5. 3 as well as 4
  3. What is the maximum menstruum of deposit that tin flame survive opened nether FCNR ?
    1. 1 twelvemonth
    2. 3 years
    3. 5 years
    4. 10 years
    5. All the inward a higher house
  4. As per Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) Scheme, if the client has taken a encompass nether multiple depository fiscal establishment accounts as well as then the total of premium nether this volition survive _______________
    1. Forfeited
    2. Renewed
    3. Double
    4. Same
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  5. The January Dhan Yojana aims direct inward promoting :
    1. Social Justice
    2. Financial Inclusion
    3. Rural Development
    4. Digital Empowerment
    5. Urban Development
  6. The premium of 10 paisa for every Rs.100 payable on behalf of the depositor nether Deposit Insurance as well as Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) volition survive borne past times :
    1. Bank
    2. Life Insurance Corporation of Republic of Republic of India
    3. General Insurance Corporat-ion of Republic of Republic of India
    4. Customer
    5. Bank as well as Customer every bit
  7. Who was the root adult woman Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India ?
    1. Shyamala Gopinath
    2. Usha Thorat
    3. Arundhati Bhattacharya
    4. K.J.Udeshi
    5. Usha Ananta Subramanian
  8. Which depository fiscal establishment has received $100 1 chiliad 1000 (about Rs.645 crore) as the root tranche of ADB’s multi-million dollar funding for installation of rooftop solar systems inward Republic of Republic of India ?
    1. United Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    2. Punjab National Bank
    3. Bank of Baroda
    4. Canara Bank
    5. Corporation Bank
  9. The maximum total that tin flame survive deposited inward a ‘Sukanya Sa-mriddhi Scheme’ concern human relationship inward a fiscal twelvemonth is :
    1. Rs. 1,00,000
    2. Rs.1,50,000
    3. Rs. 1,35,000
    4. Rs.1,75,000
    5. Rs. 1,25,000
  10. Under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana (PMJJBY) scheme, an private is eligible to bring together the scheme at the historic menstruum betwixt eighteen years to _______________
    1. 30 years
    2. 40 years
    3. 50 years
    4. 60 years
  11. Which of the next is/are right regarding Introduction of Additional Settlement Batches for National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) ?
    1. The NEFT short town wheel w-ill survive reduced from hourly batches to one-half hourly batches
    2. 11 additional short town batches volition survive introduced
    3. The full number of one-half hourly short town batches during the 24-hour interval volition survive increased to 23
    4. The starting batch at 8.00 am as well as closing batch at 7.00 pm shall rest the same.
    5. All the inward a higher house
  12. In the illustration of deposit held past times articulation Individuals, the nomination tin flame survive made inward favour of :
    1. A unmarried private
    2. More than 1 somebody inward illustration deposit is payable jointly
    3. More than 1 somebody inward illustration deposit is payable to either or survivor(s)
    4. Separate persons past times each depositor
    5. None of these
  13. What is CDD as per KYC ?
    1. Customer Duly Diligence
    2. Customer Due Delivery
    3. Current Deposit delivery
    4. Customer due Diligence
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  14. STR inward the context of Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 stands for ?
    1. Select Transaction Report
    2. Suspicious Transaction Report
    3. Suspected Transfer Report
    4. Suspected Transaction Record
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  15. What is the opportunity classification for “Salaried employees” ?
    1. Low opportunity concern human relationship
    2. Medium opportunity concern human relationship
    3. High opportunity concern human relationship
    4. All the above
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  16. “Clean banknote policy” of RBI reiterates the Banks to follow which of the next measures ?
    1. To kind notes into issuable & nonissuable
    2. Not to staples notes & to liberate pack notes
    3. Not to number unclean & cutting notes to full general populace
    4. Not to scribble on the currency notes
    5. All the inward a higher house
  17. As per Basel norms Capital is linked to _______________
    1. Size of Deposits
    2. Risk Weightage of Assets
    3. Profitability of the depository fiscal establishment
    4. Macro economical conditions
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  18. Atal Pension Yojana (APY) offers fixed total of pension ranging betwixt Rs.1,000 to _______________ depending upon the contribution which volition survive based on the historic menstruum of joining the APY :
    1. Rs.2000
    2. Rs.3000
    3. Rs.4000
    4. Rs.5000
    5. Rs.10,000
  19. As per recent statement made past times Prime Minister on 31st December, 2016, _______________ Kisan credit cards volition survive converted into RuPay cards inward coming 3 months. Government volition demeanor _______________ involvement on select farm loans.
    1. Rs.2 crores; thirty days
    2. Rs.2.5 crores; 45 days
    3. Rs.3 crores; sixty days
    4. Rs.3 crores; ninety days
    5. None of the inward a higher house
  20. _______________ volition survive the 3rd as well as in conclusion financing phase for MUDRA Bank as well as maximum loan upwardly to _______________ tin flame survive provided nether this stage.
    1. Tarun, Rs.8 lakh
    2. Tarun, Rs.10 lakh
    3. Vyaska, Rs.12 lakh
    4. Kishore, Rs.15 lakh
    5. Sishu, Rs.4 lakh
  21. Which of the next schemes get got been launched nether Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana ?
    1. AMRUT
    2. Smart Cities Mission
    3. Housing for All
    4. All of these
    5. Only 1 & 2
  22. When the honour of the banking ombudsman is non acceptable to customer, he tin flame appeal the affair to the appellate authority. The fee payable to Appellate Authority is :
    1. Rs.5,000
    2. Rs.6,000
    3. 25% of the total inward dispute
    4. 50% of the total inward dispute
    5. Nil
  23. In depository fiscal establishment check Truncation organisation cle-aring the Image Replace Document (IRD) agency :
    1. Cheque itself
    2. Image of the icon
    3. An authenticated re-create of the depository fiscal establishment check
    4. Truncated depository fiscal establishment check
    5. None of the above
  24. Nominee has predeceased the A/c holder. Payment shall survive made to :
    1. Against articulation discharge to Le-gal heirs of the depositor as well as the legal heirs of nominee.
    2. Legal heirs of the nominee
    3. Legal heirs of the depositor
    4. Payment through Court fellowship or Succession Certificate
    5. None of the above
  25. Under Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA) the maximum menstruum upto which the deposits tin flame survive made is for _______________ years from the engagement of opening of the account?
    1. 12 years
    2. 14 years
    3. 16 years
    4. 18 years
    5. 21 years
  26. The maximum penalty past times way of imprisonment for the offence committed nether Money Laundering Act is :
    1. 7 years
    2. 9 years
    3. 10 years
    4. 12 years
    5. None of the above
  27. Branches should adopt a organisation of periodical updation of client identification information (including photograph/s) afterward the concern human relationship is opened. The periodicity of such updation for High Risk, Medium Risk as well as Low Risk category customers are:
    1. Two/eight/ten years
    2. Two/five/ten years
    3. Two/two/five years
    4. Ten/eight/two years
    5. No such updation is required
  28. What are the iii pillars of Basel-II ?
    1. Minimum Capital Requirement, Supervisory Review & Market Discipline
    2. Minimum Capital Fund, Asset lineament & Financial Supervision
    3. Minimum majuscule adequacy, Asset lineament & Risk Management
    4. Prudential accounting, greater transparency & Accountability
    5. Moderate Capital Adequacy, Risk Management as well as Market Supervision
  29. Establishment of Lok Adalat is governed past times which of the next Acts ?
    1. SARFAESI human activity 2002
    2. Legal services potency human activity 1987
    3. Lok Adalat Act 1985
    4. Recovery of debt due to Banks as well as fiscal Institutions
    5. Indian Contract Act
  30. Which depository fiscal establishment is planning to heighten Rs.9,000 crore through diverse instruments including Follow-on Public Officer (FPO) of Rs.6,000 crore ?
    1. Bank of Baroda
    2. Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    3. State Bank of Republic of Republic of India
    4. Syndicate Bank
    5. Union Bank of India
  31. Which of the next documents are required for registration of a Jeevan Pramaan ?
    1. Aadhar number
    2. PPO number
    3. Bank Account number
    4. All of the inward a higher house
    5. Only 1 & 2
  32. The electronic machinery used past times banks for transmitting fiscal messages across the borders :
    1. Telex
    2. DOTNET
    3. RTGS
    4. SWIFT
    5. INFINET
  33. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) was approved alongside an outlay of _______________
    1. Rs.500 crore
    2. 1000 crore
    3. Rs.12,000 crore
    4. Rs.1,500 crore
    5. Rs.2000 crore
  34. Bank is required to number TDS certificate on cast _______________ inside _______________ calendar month inward which deduction is made :
    1. 15-G; one;
    2. 15-H; one;
    3. 16- A; two;
    4. 16- A; one;
    5. Form 60; one;
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