Here are unopen to useful details most National Bank for Agriculture too Rural Development (NABARD) :
  • Established on 12th July 1982 on the recommendation of CRAFICARD committee (also called every bit Sivaraman Comittee)
    • CRAFICARD – Committee for review of arrangements for institutional credit for agriculture too rural development.
  • For Agricultural finance, NABARD is the apex organization
    • Chairman : Dr. Harsha Kumar Bhanwala
    • Head Quarters : Mumbai
  • It assists Cooperative Banks, RRBs, Land Development Banks & Scheduled Commercial banks inwards lending to farmers, rural artisans too other non-farmers inwards rural areas too to the State Governments for tyke irrigation.
  • Land Development Banks are straight off called State Co-op. Agricultureal too Rural Development Banks.
  • NABARD grants short-term loans for eighteen months for seasonal agricultural operations. It solely refinances.

  • It meets the credit needs of farmers, rural artisans through the to a higher house organizations for financing tyke irrigation, SHGs, SGSRY, Wasterland Development, Horticulture, Land Development, Farm Mechanization, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries etc. at 6.75% Interest.
  • NABARD manages Financial Inclusion Fund.
  • Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) is operated yesteryear NABARD, instead inwards Apr 1995. 
  • NABARD is the “Micro-Finance Regulatory Authority
  • Water Shed Development Fund was instituted alongside NABARD.
  • The Government of Republic of Republic of India holds 99% stake. inwards NABARD too currently  1% is held yesteryear the Reserve Bank of India. Initially, the RBI used to held 72.5 per cent of equity inwards NABARD but from October, 2012 the Reserve Bank of Republic of Republic of India (RBI) has divested 71.5 per cent stake amounting to Rs 1,430 crore inwards National Bank for Agriculture too Rural Development (NABARD) inwards favour of the government.
  • 2009-10 budget allotted Rs. 14,00 Cr. nether RIDF XV tranch + Rs. 4000 Cr. to Rural roads.
  • NABARD replaced the Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) too Rural Planning too Credit Cell (RPCC) of Reserve Bank of India, too Agricultural Refinance too Development Corporation (ARDC).
  • 2010-11 Budget allots Rs. 400 Cr. for Micro – Finance Eqity Fund.
  • NABARD completed its 30 years on 12th July, 2012.
  • Government of Republic of Republic of India is planning to get got NABARD too National Housing Bank for Rs. 1,900 Cr. 
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