New Employer To Comport Run Let Fee Together With Iqama Fee – Ministry Building Of Human Resources

New Employer To Bear Work Permit Fee And Iqama Fee  New Employer To Bear Work Permit Fee And Iqama Fee – Ministry of Human Resources
The Ministry of Human Resources in addition to Social Development of the Kingdom of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that the novel employer shall deport the residency in addition to operate allow fees.

This disceptation is a reply to an research yesteryear i of the beneficiaries who asked that his iqama has been suspended for four years because the sponsor refused to renew it, volition the novel sponsor deport the fees of previous years if the undertaking is transferred?

The reply was given via the official Twitter trouble concern human relationship of the Ministry of Human Resources stating, “The novel employer bears the operate allow fee in addition to the iqama fees in addition to their renewal fee, in addition to the fines that consequence inwards delaying that.” For the contractual relations, the Ministry said that for to a greater extent than details most the maiden of improving the contractual human relationship catch the online portal of the ministry.

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