New Perspectives For A Fresh Marketplace Pose Week

*  As shown above, since belatedly Apr my cumulative stair out of buying vs. selling pressure–a version of the cumulative NYSE TICK–has been inwards a corrective mode.  Overall, we’re seeing to a greater extent than stocks trading on downticks than upticks, although the overall SPY toll has been relatively unchanged.  Interestingly, this weakness does non present upwardly when computing the TICK statistic for all listed stocks, every bit pocket-size caps accept been relatively stronger than large caps.  Even greater relative weakness is evident when computing upticks vs. downticks for Dow stocks only.

Very interesting evidence that a single-minded pursuit of positives inwards your trading–and inwards your life–can convey negative results.

Worthwhile reflections on risk from @ivanhoff.

*  Ralph Vince offers very valuable perspectives on seat sizing in addition to growing your portfolio.

A await at the psychology behind becoming trapped inwards consensus thinking.  Tough to create distinctive results alongside condition quo thought.

*  A wealth of perspectives on personal finance from Abnormal Returns.

Great beginning of readings consistently at Quantocracy.

Have a bully week!


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