New Tools Too Novel Views For A Novel Week

*  This fourth dimension is different?  Money menstruation into the SPY index ETF has notably dwindled during 2015 subsequently having tracked toll pretty good for most of 2014.  Money menstruation reflects toll times the set out of ETF shares outstanding.  My figures exhibit meaning menstruation differences from sector to sector.  I volition locomote posting those numbers this week.  In full general I’ve institute coin flows to locomote a skilful (contrary) thought stair out that is independent of options-related thought indicators.

*  Thanks to a savvy trader for pointing out this portable biofeedback unit of measurement measuring encephalon waves.  The thought is to guide stair out encephalon activeness related to concentration/focus, stress, relaxation, etc.  What’s odd most the unit of measurement is that it allows measuring fifty-fifty when the wearer is moving around.  I’ll await into this further, especially for validation studies that exhibit a high correlation betwixt the readings of the portable unit of measurement together with those of criterion EEG machines.  

*  Here’s approximately other novel tool on the marketplace that looks quite interesting:  The Edgewonk electronic journal is integrated into Excel together with integrates your trading observations (mood/psychology; thoughts most markets) alongside your P/L.  The mag also tracks surgical physical care for metrics, then that you lot tin run into where your trading has been strongest together with weakest.  Over time, this could shape a bang-up database for learning together with surgical physical care for improvement.

*  Podcasts bring been gaining inwards popularity, together with a set out of worthwhile sites are out there.  Abnormal Returns curates fantabulous podcasts each week, including the recent selection that includes discussions on inventiveness together with technical analysis.  A broad ranging collection of podcasts related to positive psychology can locomote institute here.

*  Here is the collection of Forbes spider web log posts related to positive psychology, alongside a especially await at the factors that contribute to success inwards performance-related fields such every bit trading.

Have a bang-up starting fourth dimension to the week!


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