Newly Arrived Inwards Saudi, Physical Care For To Become Iqama For Novel Expatriates

If y’all are living inwards the Saudi Arabia, as well as hence y’all know  the importance of Iqama also, hither everything close yourself is co-related amongst  your Iqama (for illustration based on your passport issue the  immigration officeholder gave the edge issue at aerodrome based on that the Saudi authorities gives the Iqama)

The Saudi authorities is really strict close their rules as well as regulation for especially outsider (Abshir) In instance If y’all lost your iqama as well as stuck amongst constabulary as well as hence it is really hard y’all to convince them, some fourth dimension y’all may larn fine of close SR 500 or inwards some severe instance they may send y’all also, anyways live on careful amongst your iqama as well as e’er send your contact details inwards your pocket, if person larn it they may contact y’all to handover the same.

for illustration based on your passport issue the  Newly arrived inwards Saudi, Procedure to larn Iqama for New Expatriates

Procedure to larn the revised or novel iqama:

Step I : As presently every bit y’all notice that y’all had lost your iqama as well as hence banking enterprise gibe all the possible places to honor it, as well as hence your showtime action must live on to inform your sponsor or khafeel that where as well as when y’all had lost the iqama

Note : Do non rush the constabulary station to file a complaint alone, because they volition non entertain you. May live on the argue is inwards March 2014, they discover a tidings that if y’all lost your iqama as well as reported to constabulary inside 24 hrs as well as hence y’all may require non to pay penalization fee. ( the penalization sum is approximately k SR)

Step II :  With the assistance of your sponsor collect a missive of the alphabet from the GRO on your company’s missive of the alphabet caput stating that y’all are their appointed employee as well as how as well as where y’all had lost your Iqama, brand certain that the missive of the alphabet is inwards Standard Arabic but amongst duly signed as well as sealed past times your companies higher ascendency to file a complain.

Step III: Then larn to the constabulary station along amongst your khafeel or sponsor as well as missive of the alphabet to file a complaint, they volition accuse y’all  fine of losing iqama is SR k for showtime fourth dimension along amongst novel iqama charges i.e approximately SR 500 for i as well as SR k for two years hence on every bit per chore or sponsor’s advice.

 Documents to live on submit inwards constabulary station to file a complaint:
An master re-create of written missive of the alphabet which y’all had collect from your company, Fine charges receipt, re-create of lost iqama, two passport size photographs, as well as re-create of your passport also.

After completing all this formality y’all volition larn the novel iqama inside two working days, meanwhile send a re-create of a missive of the alphabet which y’all had collect from your fellowship for condom side.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is really hard to larn novel iqama easily hence pls live on careful amongst it.


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