Paytm Launches Offline Payments Solution – Paytm Tap Card

India’s almost pop digital payments portal, Paytm along alongside a digital payments companionship has launched a novel payment trend titled Tap Card. This bill of fare allows users to pay offline inside a second. This bill of fare uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. With this a user tin scan the QR code on the bill of fare to transfer coin from Paytm wallet without the take away of meshing connection.

In a media statement, the companionship claimed that the novel offering is inwards sync alongside the company’s vision to supply innovative together with seamless payments solutions for non-internet customers.

How does Paytm Tap Card operate ?

  • Paytm user alongside no Internet visits a merchant to purchase about products. He has residual inwards Paytm, but no Internet connection.
  • The user only scans the QR code on his Paytm Tap Card, together with loads the bill of fare alongside his ain Paytm money.
  • The Paytm Tap Card is scanned at Add Value Machines (AVM) at the merchant, which uses NFC machinery to extract payment.
Paytm has claimed that the Tap Card is India’s starting fourth dimension “truly offline payments solution”.
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