Preparing For Trading As Well As A Nyc Trader Gathering

As posted earlier, I am organizing a arts and crafts beer get-together for NYC expanse traders a calendar week from Th (May 21st) at 5:00 PM.  We volition encounter upwardly at the tasting room of the Whole Foods on Columbus Circle (59th Street as well as eighth Avenue) inward midtown Manhattan.  I’ll last joined past times the practiced folks at SMB, who volition part a few perspectives from the forepart lines of the prop trading world.  This is non a formal speak or presentation as well as I guarantee at that spot volition last no sales pitches.  Rather it’s an chance to encounter other traders, part perspectives, as well as hopefully brand to a greater extent than or less contacts that tin enrich as well as inform.

I’ll last sharing to a greater extent than or less perspectives regarding the trading experiment I’ve been conducting. One of the to a greater extent than interesting early on findings is that spending much to a greater extent than fourth dimension inward preparing for trades (research, personal preparation) as well as greatly limiting actual trades to good tested patterns has already improved my striking rate, profitability, as well as overall trading experience.  Active purpose of Evernote equally a journaling tool has been of import to the process.  I notice it is rattling unlike planning a merchandise inward my caput versus writing out everything that goes into a trade.  When trades are inward your head, they’re intended.  When they’re written out as well as elaborated, they’re planned.  There’s an of import difference.

Look frontwards to coming together up.  If yous can’t brand it, don’t worry; at that spot volition last other events equally nosotros motion toward summer!  

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