Rbi To Unloose Novel Rs 10, V Coins

The Reserve Bank of Bharat (RBI) today announced taht it is going to result novel Rs. 10 coins in addition to Rs. five coins.
New Rs. 10 Coin Highlights :
  • The Rs. 10 coins bring been minteed to commemorate the 125th yr of National Archives of India.  
  • On the opposite of the coin, at that spot volition survive an icon of National Archives Building inwards the centre amongst inscription ‘125 YEARS’ below the image.
  • It volition besides acquit logo of 125th anniversary celebration. 
  • The yr 1891 in addition to 2016 inwards English linguistic communication shall survive written on the upper in addition to lower periphery of the money respectively. 
  • The yr 1916 in addition to 2016 inwards international numerals shall survive written respectively on left in addition to correct operate past times of the image.
New Rs. five Coin Highlights :
  • The Rs. five coins bring been minted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Allahabad High Court
  • The coin’s appear upwards volition acquit an icon depicting centre facade of Allahabad High Court Building emerging from the book. 
  • The yr 1866-2016 inwards English linguistic communication numerals shall survive written at the bottom of the image, the RBI said inwards a release.
The RBI besides said that the existing coins inwards Rs. 10 in addition to Rs. five denominations shall besides proceed to survive legal tender.

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