Saudi Airlines Releases The Condition For Xx Banned Countries Alongside The Resumption Of International Flights

 Banned Countries With The Resumption Of International Flights Saudi Airlines Releases The condition For xx Banned Countries With The Resumption Of International Flights

Saudi Airlines responded through its Twitter account, to a citizen who telephone band on nearly i of the countries from which locomote is banned from coming to Saudi Arabia, together with whether the locomote suspension volition last lifted to all countries, including the banned ones.

Saudi Airlines said, “Welcome, our honey guest, lifting upward the suspension of all international flights starting from 1 AM on Monday, May 17th, 2021”, It does non employ to the countries where the concerned commission of official decides to sling locomote to or from it, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19.

The Ministry of Interior of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that the suspension of entry of expatriates from xx countries into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia equally business office of measures to scrap the Covid-19, together with it is prohibited for non-citizens, diplomats, wellness practitioners from Feb 3rd, 2021.

These are the xx countries that banned on third Feb is Argentina, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany, States of America (USA), Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom (UK), Turkey, South Africa together with the Sweden, Switzerland, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Bharat together with Japan.

The determination included those coming from other countries if they had passed through whatsoever of those countries during the fourteen days earlier the application to come inwards the Kingdom.

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