Saudi Arabia Bans Noon Run For Three Months

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources in addition to Social Development has announced that it is going to ban the operate nether the Sun from noon to 3PM. The ban volition last enforced for 3 months i.e. June xv to September 15, 2020.

It is a sigh of relief for the workers who operate straight nether the Sun equally the summertime inwards the kingdom is starting in addition to amongst the temperatures rising particularly during the noon time, it is really hard for the workers to operate straight nether the sun. The Ministry continues to offering a salubrious in addition to prophylactic surroundings for workers considering the security in addition to wellness factors.

This ban volition embrace all soul sector companies in addition to establishments. The ministry building added that this determination was taken for the workers of soul sector, the determination volition foreclose the workers from whatever risks in addition to harmful effects of sunlight in addition to other occupational hazards.

Saudi Arabia Bans Noon Work for 3 Months

The ban which covers all the soul sector nonetheless has around exceptions, Oil & Gas sectors in addition to Emergency Maintenance are excluded from this ban. The workers belonging to these sectors tin operate fifty-fifty inwards the noon. The Ministry added that the companies should comply strict security measures to ensure the security of the workers in addition to foreclose them from whatever terms in addition to then that the workers tin stimulate got a salubrious in addition to prophylactic operate environment.

In around parts of the Kingdom the temperature does non rising much in addition to then it is prophylactic for the workers to operate nether the Sun fifty-fifty during the noon time. The companies falling inwards these regions does non come upward nether the ban in addition to then the workers tin move out along to work. The determination depends on the directors of those regions where the temperature is non extreme.

The Ministry announced whatever violation of this ban tin last reported on 19911 or their website

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